Academic Advising at MSU

Advising is an essential part of good academic planning at MSU. You will see your advisor every semester. Take advantage of advising activites as soon as available. You can click on "My Academic Advisor" below to find your Academic Advisor and how to contact them.

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Advising at MSU

If you are a first year student, you will likely be advised either in the Mustangs Advising Center (the MAC) or in a professional college your first year. After which, a faculty and/or professional advisor will be assigned to you depending on for your specific major.

Advising Contacts:

The Mustangs Advising Center (The MAC)
Populations served:

  • Many first year students
    (click here for majors served in the MAC)
  • Students Admitted by Review
  • First year probation
  • TSI

The Dillard College of Business Administration advises all of their students.

The Robert D & Carol Gunn College of Health Science & Human Services advises all of their students. The exceptions are Criminal Justice and Exercise Physiology majors with 24 earned hours or less, who are seen in the MAC.

Advising in other colleges/programs can be found here.

The Academic Success Center (ASC) provides academic programming for:

  • Academic Referrals
  • Supplemental Instruction
  • Undecided majors past the first year
  • Student-Athletes
  • College Connections Courses
  • Skills for Success Courses


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Fall Semester

begins August 22, 2015

Continuing Students
Academic Advising begins
late March-early April

New Students
Academic Advising begins
Mid April


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