Employers: Procedures


Businesses that would like to participate in the Dillard College of Business Administration’s internship program are asked to complete a business requisition form together with a detailed description of the internship opportunity.  Once submitted to the internship coordinator’s office, the opportunity is reviewed by the department chair of the business major(s) to which the experience relates.  If approved, the internship opportunity is placed into the internship database for students to view.


Business students that have qualified to participate in the internship program may review the internships that are listed in the internship database.  Once the student selects an internship opportunity, the student prepares a resume and cover letter.  The internship coordinator then arranges an interview between the student and the prospective internship business. If selected for the internship, the student will attend an orientation session with the faculty advisor who will oversee the internship experience.  The student can register for the internship course and then begin the internship experience.    


On or before the first week in which the internship experience is to commence, the faculty advisor who oversees the internship experience will have the student and business partner execute a learning objectives agreement.  As a part of the assessment of the internship’s success, these learning objectives are reviewed by the participants at the conclusion of the internship.  Also, as a part of the quality assurance of the program, evaluations are completed by the business, student, and faculty advisor.  These evaluations are submitted to the internship coordinator who reviews and analyzes them for continuous improvement purposes.