Students: Frequently Asked Questions

What is an internship?


An internship is a work experience that is relevant to your chosen major.  It has a duration of one semester and at the successful conclusion of the internship you will receive 3 hours of academic credit towards your degree.


Why should I participate in an internship?


• Although you will be obtaining a valuable degree from Midwestern State University, experience will give you a competitive edge in finding a job in your chosen field.  It is a must to have relevant work experience before you graduate.


• Internships give you the opportunity to network with quality employers in the local community and beyond.


• An internship helps to build your resume by giving you hands on learning experience that potential employers demand.


Will the 3 hours of academic credit apply to my degree plan for graduation?


Most degree plans in the Dillard College of Business provide for one internship opportunity to apply toward your required hours for graduation.  In some instances, you may be allowed an additional internship (3 academic hours) that would fulfill your required hours for graduation.


Will I get paid for the internship?


Although the primary purpose of the internship program is to give a student relevant business experience in his or her chosen field, compensation during the internship experience is certainly an incentive.  Most of the internship opportunities provided in the internship program offer some pay.  


 How long is the internship experience?


Internships can commence at any time but usually correspond to the fall, spring, and summer semesters.  You must spend a minimum of 150 hours on the jobsite to obtain the 3 hours of academic credit for the internship together with meeting all the other course requirements.  However, if the student’s schedule permits and the business agrees, you may put in additional hours beyond the minimum requirement.


What if I don’t have a resume?


The Career Management Center located on campus in room 108 of the Clark Student Center, will provide assistance to students in developing and/or updating a resume.
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