Students: Procedures

Dillard College of Business Administration students may obtain 3 hours of college credit by completing the DCOBA internship program.  Each student applying for college credit must:

  1. Print the Student Checklist for Internships and complete step 1
  2. Select an internship opportunity from one of the businesses on file with the DCOBA Internship Coordinator's Office, or select an opportunity of your choice with approval from the DCOBA Internship Coordinator (please provide an employer with the Internship Information Form in advance if you already have an opportunity in mind)
  3. Submit a Student Internship Application to the DCOBA Internship Coordinator
  4. Interview for an internship experience
  5. Attend an orientation session with the faculty advisor 
  6. Register for the course with the Office of the Registrar
  7. Work at a business for a minimum of 150 hours (8 to 10 hours per week)
  8. During the beginning stages of the internship, submit a Learning Objectives Agreement
  9. Submit weekly work logs, a final internship report to the internship faculty advisor (additional work may be required by the faculty advisor) and a student evaluation