Alumni Quotes

"The Mass Communication Department at Midwestern State University is top notch!"

Matthew Jackson
Associate Producer, KXAS NBC 5, Fort Worth, TX
Class of 2005

"It certainly helped me land my first video production position, which then later let me into other positions in the travel industry.  Without the hands-on experience, I don't think that would have ever happened."

Douglas Grau
Regional Director of Sales, Royal Carribean Cruises Ltd., Miami, FL 
Class of 1988

"I don’t think you realize how important that student-advisor relationship is until you leave the school and go on into the real world. That’s when you understand that not only what your advisors are saying is true, but it shows they look out for your best interests. It’s like another set of friends, but ones who have actually been down the road you’re trying to go down. When I look back, I think I learned more sitting in the offices of my advisors than anyplace else. That right there has prepared me as well as any class ever could."

Nick Eatman
Internet Writer,, Irving, TX
Class of 1999

"The Mass Communication Department gave me early access to the equipment I needed to learn.  I received the one-on-one help I needed when I was 21 years old and not very focused."

Guy Brown
Congressional Aide for Bill Sarpalius, Austin, TX
Class of 1993

"What I liked most about the Mass Communication Department is the individual attention I received. The faculty attempt to reach all of the students on a personal level and go out of their way to help students inside and outside of the classroom with whatever questions they might have. The classes that I took were also interesting and informative. Students are encouraged to participate in class discussion rather than being ‘spoon fed’ information."

Ashley Thomas
Webmaster, Wichita Falls Independent School District, Wichita Falls, TX
Class of 2003

"MSU helped me further define my career ambitions. The education I received, coupled with hands-on experience, helped me in the jump from employee to manager.  My experience at MSU was more than just a student learning from professors.  I was given hands-on experience and training."

Liz Ryan
Program Director, GAP Broadcasting, Wichita Falls, TX 
Class of 1999

"I think the best thing I ever learned at Midwestern was how to open my mind and think outside the box about media relations. I recall several open forum discussions about free speech and First Amendment rights. I will never forget the energy I felt when I could express my thoughts openly in class. Not many institutions offer a close-knit classroom setting with the ability to allow students to speak openly. I loved the department and I walked away with a lot more knowledge than I thought I would."

Sara Stallman
Director of Youth Sports, YMCA, Wichita Falls, TX
Class of 2001

"The strengths of the program are the small classes and all the hands-on experience. Most universities will not let underclassmen have hands-on training like at MSU. The professors in this department are extremely knowledgeable of this work field. Without my training in broadcast and Professor Pamela Cope-Morgan pushing me in the direction of Distance Education, I wouldn’t be where I am today career-wise. MSU has an INCREDIBLE Mass Comm. program. I am totally indebted to the university for allowing me to receive a great education, which has led to my successful career in videoconferencing. I have been in this field more than 6 years now. Thank goodness for this program, and I am proud to be a MSU Mass Comm. alumnus."

Shannon Mills
Videoconferencing Specialist, Verizon Communications, Dallas, TX
Class of 1998

"Having a degree in communications may have been the most beneficial thing I had going into law school. My ability to excel inside and outside of the classroom is due in great part to the fact that I took most of the classes in the Mass Communication Department. I may not know as much about the law as others, but because I spent so many years writing at Midwestern, I am able to communicate what little I know better than those who know more, and my grades in law school reflect this. Most of my grades are 100% based on my ability to answer one question in 3 hours - I got the kind of experience in dealing with deadlines through the Mass Communication Department at Midwestern that helped me at law school more than I ever dreamed it would."

Erin Boase
Account Manager, Academics - Legal Division, Thomson Reuters, Austin, TX
Class of 2000

"The closeness of the department advisors and their students is one of the key reasons Midwestern State University’s Mass Communication Department is such a success. I enjoyed my time at Midwestern and it prepared me for the endeavors I have pursued since graduation."

Jessica Faver
Substitute Teacher, Wichita Falls Independent School District, Wichita Falls, TX
Class of 2000

"I thought the small class sizes were a big plus to the department, but the hands-on experience gained from working on The Wichitan or Campus Watch and the internship requirement are close seconds. In a lot of ways the set-up of our department made it possible for us to enter the work world with a clearer picture of what to expect."

Amanda Allen
Recruitment Account Executive, Houston Chronicle, Houston, TX
Class of 2001

"Even though people on the outside view the department as being slanted heavily toward the broadcast side, I learned valuable lessons that I often harken back to in a lot of different situations. That being said, I think the strength of the department lies in its diversity. I used to think that making print students take broadcast classes was a waste of time. But during a recent television appearance, I realized I was still very familiar with some of the work I watched the camera people doing behind the scenes and was actually comfortable being on the ‘hotseat.’ Overall, my time spent in the MSU journalism program was very positive and beneficial."

Stephen Smith
Sports Reporter and Columnist, Times Record News, Wichita Falls, TX
Class of 2002

"MSU’s Mass Communication Department will forever be an important part of my life that will help catapult me into a wonderful future with fond memories. Hey, you can’t help but remember nothing less than excellence being accepted in this department."

Sametta Brown
Reporter/Anchor/Host, CFNT Television, Wichita Falls, TX
Class of 2002

"I remember my first day as a mass communication major. I was so scared, but Jim Sernoe reassured me that I would be alright. He was absolutely correct. The Mass Communication professors make sure their students are prepared for the future, whether they choose to attend graduate school or look for a job right after graduation. My professors took the time to make sure I knew they cared about me and my future. I was stressed out a lot, but they reassured me (constantly) that I would be just fine. Our classes were small (I think my largest class was maybe 25 people), and the professors taught us pertinent information, the things we needed to know for the future. There were always interesting discussions, before, during and after class. When I graduated, it was nice to walk across that stage and know all of the other graduating seniors in the major as well as I did. I keep in contact with my professors, and it’s nice to know they still care about me, even though I’m technically not their student anymore. Being in the Mass Communication Department at MSU not only made me a better writer/journalist, but it made me a more confident, self-assured person. I will always be grateful for the lessons I learned during my years in the program, not only for my career but for my life."

Lindsey Medenwaldt
Law Student, St. Mary's University, San Antonio, TX
Class of 2003

"Although the career path I took ended up leading me away from the field of media, the Mass Communication Department at MSU taught me to always strive for perfection and raised my attention to detail in all of my work. The lessons learned while in the department have been invaluable toward ‘real-life’ situations and my everyday life."

Thorpe Griner
Network Administrator, City of Denton, Denton, TX
Class of 1999

"The greatest impact MSU’s Mass Communication Department has had on my career is a broader sense of versatility in terms of what I can offer my employers. I often find my range of skills in the workplace exceeds that of my competition from larger schools, with more specialized degrees. The department offers a broad range of classes and hands-on projects that become very applicable in the workplace. The small class sizes also allow for closer interaction between professors and students."

Shelby Hausler
Marketing Manager, Hanley Wood Exhibitions, Irving, TX
Class of 2001

"The best thing I have taken with me from the Mass Communication Department is time management! It seemed like we always had so many projects, and I learned to prioritize. Same goes in the working world — you have to take full advantage of the time you have and can’t procrastinate!"

Erin Barrett
Interior Design Contract Administrator, Market Square Partners, Indianapolis, IN
Class of 2003

"The Mass Communication Department helped me tremendously during my four years at MSU. The faculty and staff were very supportive and always took extra time out to listen to students. It was great to be in a small group where everyone truly got to know each other. They definitely made my experience easier and more enjoyable."

Jamie Brown
Senior Public Relations Coordinator, JPS Health Network, Fort Worth, TX
Class of 1999

"The Mass Communication Department at Midwestern State University gave me the opportunity to experience many of the situations I have faced in my job. The program is very focused on the preparation of future business leaders, and the teachers take the time to give one-on-one assistance to ensure the student grasps the concept. I received more than sufficient training that prepared me once I entered the work force. The transition from college to a full-time job was very smooth for me and I fit into the workplace well, no doubt due to the superior instruction I received while I was a student in the Mass Communication Department at MSU."

Tracy Gibson
Medical Adjuster, Farmers Insurance, Grand Prairie, TX
Class of 2003

"I do a lot of front-line communication with parents, students, alumni and high-school counselors. I’m constantly having to shift gears and change tones at the drop of a hat because I interact with so many diverse groups of people. It’s challenging at times, but that’s what this business is all about - succeeding in the heat of the moment. I’m glad I had the opportunity to take part in a program where the faculty cared enough about my success to emphasize and implement that concept from day one! If I’m not standing in front of large groups presenting information or answering questions, I’m back at the office designing publications to be sent to students and counselors. I feel confident in my work because of the constant practice and experience I got while a student in the MSU Mass Communication Department. I graduated with a portfolio full of samples I could show to quantify my skill level and hard work for four years of my life. I definitely knew I had made the right choice when I sat down in my first Intro. class."

Mindy Giles
Admissions Counselor, Southern Methodist University, Dallas, TX
Class of 2003

"The Mass Communication Department at Midwestern is one-of-a-kind. The hands-on experience gained from the program allows each student the opportunity to obtain the proper training for their future careers. Each professor takes the time to help the students succeed."

Kendra Guthrie
Senior Account Executive, Ross Media, Inc., Dallas, TX
Class of 2001

"The Mass Communication Department at Midwestern State is phenomenal. Upon graduating with a B.A. in Mass Communication, I felt completely ready to face the world. I was confident, self-assured, and willing to face any challenge. These are all personal attributes that were enhanced by the professors in the department who went the extra mile for all of their students. My strengths and weaknesses were assessed, and the professors were certain to assist in ways that I didn’t observe with other departments."

Deanna Jackson
4th Grade Teacher, Kennesaw, GA
Class of 2000

"If professors are hard on you, that’s because they see something special in you. If you can’t get up for class, remember there is only a limited amount of time you will be able to learn this stuff. The more you miss, the more you miss OUT. Get involved, otherwise you will be the person at graduation no one really knows, and you probably won’t have a job in the field you choose. If you get involved in school activities, The Wichitan, Campus Watch, etc., you will be able to find a niche and meet contacts for future reference."

Dawn Hensley
News Producer, WHP CBS 21, Newport Broadcasting, Harrisburg, PA
Class of 2001

"MSU’s communications department was the best thing that ever happened to me. The program and the professors allowed me to take control of my education, making it what I needed it to be for my career. I’m grateful for the professors whose guidance I depended on at MSU and whose friendship and mentoring I still enjoy."

Jennifer Ransom-Rice
Chief of Staff, Texas State Senator Florence Shapiro, Austin, TX
Class of 1998

"I think one of the strengths of the department is that each faculty member is approachable. I’ve spent time in each of their offices whether I needed help with an assignment or advice about mass comm. careers. They’ve continued helping me even though I graduated. The faculty genuinely cares about the students and knows each of them by name. Having recently entered the post-college life, I appreciate even more the strict emphasis on punctuality and accuracy."

Brooke Veigl
Copy Editor, Times Record News, Wichita Falls, TX
Class of 2003

"The communications classes I attended served me well before and after graduation.  At the time, I was focused primarily on journalism and didn't really understand where public relations or voice and diction might play into my future.  After 12 years in newspaper I decided a change was in order for my life, and the knowledge I obtained from those classes has helped tremendously.  But even during my newspaper career, I was able to put into practice the basics I learned in classes outside my journalism minor.  Overall, I received a well-rounded education."

Julie Gaynor
Director of Public Information and Marketing, Midwestern State University, Wichita Falls, TX
Class of 1994
"The hands-on experience and exceptional faculty in the Mass Communication Department at Midwestern State University prepared me for my graduate work and professional career.  I am proud to say that I was a part of such a well-rounded college, and I owe so much of where I am today to the hard work each of my professors gave during my time at Midwestern."
Staci Good
Service Coordinator, Dallas Cowboys, Arlington, TX
Class of 2005

"One of the best, but completely unexpected, perks of the Mass Communication program is the instructors.  They really get to know students and take the time to answer questions, offer suggestions, and become friends even after students become alum.  I can still e-mail or pop in to talk with some of them when I am in town - and they remember who I am even after 4 years and countless student faces have gone by!"

Charity Hutto
Commercial Classified Advertising Representative, The Columbian Publishing Co., Vancouver, WA
Class of 2005

"I am thankful for my time in the MSU Mass Communication Department.  Everything I have learned has, in one way or another, been applied at my current job.  Obviously, working for The Wichitan and the news writing classes have played a crucial role in landing a job.  However, since I work for a weekly newspaper, it helps having a well-rounded media background.  My transition from graduating college and finding a job was fairly smooth.  I didn't have any surprises, because I was adequately prepared by my professors in the Mass Communication Department."

Adrian McCandless
Reporter and Photographer, Alliance Regional Newspapers, Flower Mound, TX
Class of 2007

"I sincerely enjoyed my studies at MSU.  I felt I had a connection with many of my professors and all were easy to talk to and it was obvious to me that they knew what they were teaching.  Many of my instructors worked in the career field before teaching it, which made a difference in the knowledge I left with.  I would definitely recommend the journalism program to anyone.  It definitely made the transition from school to career smooth."

Marissa Millender
Reporter, Times Record News, Wichita Falls, TX
Class of 2008

"I sincerely enjoyed my learning experience as a mass communication major.  The department provided a well-rounded platform for my future endeavors, academically and beyond.  I am extremely appreciative of the concern and interest shown.  It was very apparent that my success was important."

Deon Newsom
Educational Adviser, University of Texas Arlington Upward Bound, Arlington, TX
Class of 2007

"I learned so much while getting my mass communication degree at MSU.  I am very thankful for how well-rounded the department is.  I have used every aspect of my mass communication education while opening my business and am very pleased that it was the direction I chose to take."

Melissa Newton
Owner, Cardio Plus, Wichita Falls, TX
Class of 2006

"Amazing, fantastic, loved it!  I loved MSU and the time I spent in the Mass Communication Department.  I still say MSU, and its programs, are the best kept secret in Texas!"

Kristin Beroth
Events Director, Trophy Club Country Club, Trophy Club, TX
Class of 2004