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The Mass Communication major comprises 39 hours of mass media courses, with an 18-hour minor in broadcasting, journalism, digital media, or public relations and advertising. Students must have accumulated a 3.0 grade point average in their major and minor before enrolling in the exit course.

Documentaries, public relations campaigns, graphic design projects and writing exercises help prepare students for graduate school or their job search after graduation. Alumni work in newspapers, television stations, advertising and public relations firms and a host of communication corporations. They are also accepted into the finest graduate institutions.

MSU-TV2 is an in-house production studio, learning center, laboratory and working center for students in the Mass Communication department.

The Wichitan is the student-run weekly newspaper of Midwestern State University. The Wichitan editor, along with students who serve as staff members, is responsible for all editorial and advertising content.

What is now the Mass Communication Department evolved in the mid-1980s by combining elements from the speech and journalism programs. Although the most popular degree programs around the country at the time were stressing narrow areas of study and career preparation such as newspapers, advertising and film, the department founders envisioned a broader training for students that truly encompassed the many elements of mass communication.