Stand-Alone Mass Communication Minor (18 Hours)


MCOM 1233Introduction to Mass Communication

Survey of the mass communication process and mass media, including print media, radio/recording, television, Internet, and emerging media.  Students will learn about media issues, societal effects and trends.

MCOM 1243News Writing and Reporting I
Prerequisite: Cannot be enrolled concurrently with MCOM 3313.
A workshop course focusing on news reporting and writing techniques used in both traditional print media and Internet publishing. Students will be introduced to the basics of accuracy, clarity, word choice, journalistic style, story structure, and deadlines. Coverage of on-campus news events is supplemented by deadline writing exercises in a classroom laboratory.

MCOM 3223Advertising
Prerequisite: Junior Standing
Study of the communication process advertisers use to sell goods, services, and ideas. Emphasis on principles and techniques used to develop campaigns and reach audiences, including the concepts of target marketing, market segmentation, brand positioning, and advertising appeals.

MCOM 3313Electronic News Gathering
Prerequisite: Cannot be enrolled concurrently with MCOM 1243.
This course focuses on the specialized style of journalistic writing used in the broadcast media. This class also provides students with the opportunity to operate cameras and editing equipment and produce a mini-newscast.


MCOM 4683Public Relations Principles
Prerequisite: MCOM 1243
Study of public relations' historical and theoretical contexts, as well as public relations' role in solving organizational problems and concerns.


MCOM 3733Media Ethics
Prerequisites: MCOM 1233 and Junior Standing
Study of ethical philosophies and their applications to current and historical situations involving the mass media.
MCOM 4313Media Management
Prerequisites: MCOM 1243, 3313, and Junior Standing
Study of the financial, legal, technical, operational, programming, production, and personnel aspects of managing a media organization.
MCOM 4643Mass Communication Law
Prerequisites: MCOM 1233 and Junior Standing
Overview of how mass communication law works in this country with an emphasis on the First Amendment, free expression, and legal theory. Students will also study narrow areas of media law, such as libel and obscenity.