Department of Theatre

The theatre program at Midwestern State University is devoted entirely to undergraduate instruction.  As a result, motivated, capable students find themselves quickly involved not only in the classroom but also in production work onstage and backstage.  The program emphasizes the importance and interrelatedness of all aspects of theatre: performance, design, technical theatre, and scholarship.  The theatre faculty members seek to cultivate an atmosphere of collaboration, ensemble, and mutual respect.

While the program is broad enough to cover the essential areas of the discipline, it also allows for specialization.  Theatre majors are required to complete a basic core of courses covering theatre history, dramatic analysis, acting, directing, design, and technical theatre.  They then select an emphasis in performance or design/technical theatre.  Majors can also choose an emphasis in teacher certification.  MSU is one of only three schools in Texas to offer a B.F.A. in theatre with teacher certification.

Every year, principles studied in the classroom are applied in a season of three or four major productions.  These productions offer performance, design, and technical opportunities for all majors - freshmen as well as upperclassmen.  For each production, majors are assigned to a specific production crew, such as lighting or properties.  Periodically, student assistantships are available in the areas of costumes, set construction, and publicity/box office.  In the spring, student-produced one-act plays afford additional cast and crew positions for majors.  Occasionally, the departments of music and theatre join forces to produce musicals.

Productions also give majors diverse experiences with various playwrights, time periods, and styles.  You can click here to view our production history.

MSU Theatre regularly participates in American College Theatre Festivals, where it has won Critic's Choice and/or Directors' Choice Awards at both the state and regional levels.  The department has also played host to American College Theatre Festivals numerous times at the state level.  Most years, design/technical theatre students are encourages to attend the USITT-Southwest conference with faculty members for both learning and presentation purposes.  MSU Theatre proudly represents the Pi Delta chapter of Alpha Psi Omega, honorary theatre society.

The program has retained a Texas Educational Theatre Association institutional membership since 1960, and it became accredited by the National Association of Schools of Theatre in 2013.

Students are able to compete constructively for roles, crew positions, and design opportunities while they connect with each other and work well together to achieve the passion and common goal of theatre production; every theatre major is offered an opportunity to contribute to that goal.  Majors are motivated daily to challenge themselves and open their minds.  They enjoy small class sizes that lead to dynamic classroom discussions and one-on-one support from faculty members.  Midwestern State University students often share a common feeling of belonging, as though the university is home for them; our theatre program is no exception.


We would like to express our gratitude to Dr. Bradley Wilson, assistant professor of Mass Communication and advisor to The Wichitan, for helping us document some of our recent productions.  Many of Dr. Wilson's photos appear on the Theatre department's webpages.