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Dr. Michaelle Kitchen

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Phone: 940-397-4141

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General Counseling

Midwestern State University’s General Counseling program provides the counseling student with the necessary training, supervision, and coursework required to obtain a temporary license as a professional counselor. Following a 3000-hour internship and passes the state-licensing exam, the Licensed Professional Counselor is able to work in a variety of professional settings including private practice. The program requires 60 semester hours.


School Counseling

The School Counseling program at Midwestern State University will equip the counselor with the knowledge and skill necessary to supply guidance and counseling services in a school setting. The school counselor will be able to provide direct counseling to students; consult with parents, teachers and administrators; act as a liaison between the school and outside agencies; and facilitate classroom guidance activities.

The program is designed to prepare students to be public school counselors and requires 60 semester hours. Texas Counselor certification requires completion of an approved master’s degree, two years of teaching experience, and a passing score on the state-mandated examination, the TExES test.

Special Education

The Master of Education in Special Education for teachers who have Texas certification in special education is designed to prepare them as Educational Diagnosticians who can use their leadership in providing services to students with disabilities in their schools and their communities. Completion of the degree requirements allows students to apply for professional certification upon satisfactory completion of the state mandated TExES requirement as an Educational Diagnostician.

The Master of Education in Special Education for graduates who are not already certified to teach special education will prepare them with the knowledge and skills required to provide leadership on their campuses and in their communities in providing services for students who have disabilities. The degree will then help them develop knowledge and skills in a specialized area; this specialization may lead to the Educational Diagnostician certification. Other specializations may be selected through consultation with the graduate coordinator.


Sport Administration

The Sports Administration program is a relatively new addition to the MSU Graduate School. It is philosophically broad and provides a quality background for entry level positions in recreation and leisure administration. The curriculum is completely online, which allows students to obtain real-world work experience while working toward a degree. Furthermore, it allows the Graduate Assistants in the Sports Administration program to gain experience by traveling with the MSU athletic teams.

The members of the Sports Administration faculty have strong relationships with the YMCA, Boys and Girls Club, and a variety of members of the recreation and leisure community in the area. Students who complete the program are prepared for an array of opportunities post-graduation, including PhD programs. Most graduates go on to work in collegiate athletics. The majority of alumni serve as assistant or head coaches and some become athletic trainers.


Program coordinators:

Educational Diagnostician – Dr. Ed Schultz

Dyslexia – Mary Wines

Sport Administration – Dr. Julie Wood