Curriculum & Instruction and Reading Education


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Dr. Pamela Whitehouse

Graduate Coordinator

Phone: 940-397-4139

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Curriculum and Instruction

The Masters of Arts degree in Education with a major in Curriculum and Learning is especially designed for teachers who want to grow professionally and intellectually. This program is ideal for master teachers who would like to further their understanding of what they teach and how it is taught.

Reading Education

The Master of Education degree with a major in reading education prepares the classroom teacher in all aspects of reading instruction. The program will enable the student to explore current theory, research, and best practices in reading instruction and assessment. Upon completion of the degree, the student will be eligible to apply for professional certification as a Reading Specialist and will be prepared for a variety of careers in the field of reading.


Program Coordinators

Curriculum and Instruction - Dr. Pamela Whitehouse

Reading Education - Dr. SuHua Huang