Criminal Justice and Health Services Administration


Program Contacts


Dr. Nathan Moran

Criminal Justice Graduate Coordinator

Phone: 940-397-4752

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Dr. Roe Roberts

Health Services Administration Graduate Coordinator

Phone: 940-397-4732

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About the Programs

Criminal Justice

The Master of Arts in Criminal Justice is designed to prepare graduate students in conducting research and actively participating in the development of knowledge in the areas of criminological theory, crime control, and correctional and police administration. The curriculum has the breadth and depth to fulfill these various interests. Students who are planning careers in law enforcement, corrections or rehabilitation, or who wish to pursue a deeper understanding of crime and the criminal justice system should confer with the Graduate Program Advisor to develop a combination of elective courses which will support their particular career interests. 


Health Services Administration

Midwestern State University’s Master of Health Administration degree is a comprehensive program developed for students who aspire to leadership positions in health care. Additionally, the MHA program offers students the opportunity to complete a Graduate Certificate in Health Services Administration. The courses are taught by dedicated members of the faculty who provide an exceptional teaching, research, and community-oriented framework to learning. The program has been structured to accommodate students who wish to complete the program while maintaining employment through a combination of limited campus visits and online education. If you are looking for a high-intensity program that is stimulating, challenging, motivating, inspiring, and highly rewarding—then the MHA program is a perfect fit for you.