Honors Courses

Current Redwine Honors Program courses are listed first.  General information regarding Honors courses can be found below the current course offerings.  

Fall 2014 Honors Courses                Midwestern State University

ENGL1103-1H1-Intro to Communication – K. Garrison    CRN11418      FE 202                 MWF 11:00-11:50

SPCH1103-1H1-Intro to Communication – E. Lewandowski          CRN11420

Prerequisites: None              

Degree plan issues: Satisfies part of the communication component of the new core curriculum (new students as of Fall 2014).

The Course: In this course, students will engage in critical thinking about personal experiences and current issues, use written and oral expression to convey their ideas regarding personal experiences and current issues, apply instruction on rhetorical awareness to make decisions about how best to convey their messages to the intended audience(s), and demonstrate proficient use of standard English in both oral and written communication.


HIST1133-1H1-Survey of American History to 1865- E. Kindig                PY 202                MWF 9:00-9:50    

Prerequisite: None                  CRN: 11189               

Degree plan issues:  Satisfies part of the history requirement for all majors.

The Course:  General survey of American History from its European origins to 1865.


HUMN2023-1H1-Medieval CulturesCRN 11347 – K. Lodge                      PY201              MWF 11:00-11:50

HUMN4023-1H1-CRN 11348                      

Prerequisites: ENGL1123 or Consent of Instructor.

Degree plan issues: Satisfies, in part, the Humanities core curriculum for most majors. The senior level section satisfies the Honors Program Upper Level Course requirement for grandfathered students.

The Course: This interdisciplinary course will introduce students to cultures of the Islamic world, India, Asia, North and South America, and Europe from their inception through the medieval period. Students will look at all aspects of culture, including history, art, literature, philosophy, and music. Students will thus acquire an understanding of world cultures and how they have developed during this time period; encounter different ways of viewing the world; learn to analyze, interpret, and think critically about diverse works of art, literature, and music; experiment with interdisciplinary approaches to the material; and learn to identify, describe, and discuss major religions, philosophies, works of art, and historical events. They will also develop critical thinking and writing skills in short essays, evaluating individual works and synthesizing the knowledge they have gained.

For 4023: Upper-level students will complete an oral presentation and a research paper.

POLS1333-1H1 American Government - J. Duff                                         PY 200                  TR 9:30-10:50  

Prerequisites: None                CRN: 11247

Degree plan issues: Satisfies part of the political science requirement for all majors.

The Course: A study of the American national and Texas governmental system; the American experiment in federalism and democracy; origin and development of the United States Constitution; federal state relations; the individual as a citizen; political parties and electoral campaigns. In addition to fulfilling these course requirements, this course will allow students to explore a series of contemporary political issues and examine their implications on our current political system. Such topics as gun control, abortion rights, the death penalty and same-sex marriage will be examined in depth from multiple points of view to explore how the political system addresses these political issues. As part of this exploration students will select a contemporary political debate for in-depth analysis during the course.

PSYC1103-1H1 General Psychology -M. Vandehey                  PY 101                                    TR 11:00-12:20

Prerequisites: None                 CRN: 11124

Degree plan issues: Satisfies PSYC/SOCL Behavioral Science prerequisite for all majors.

The Course: Introduction/survey of basic concepts of psychology as a science of behavior and mental processes. Includes research/current information in areas of learning, states of consciousness, human development, personality, & abnormal behavior.

MWSU1333-1H1 Leadership MSU-Honors   Staff                 DB317             MW 4:00 – 5:20         CRN: 11005

MWSU1333-1H1 Leadership MSU-Honors   Staff                 DB175             MW 4:00 – 5:20         CRN: 11415

Prerequisites: None                

The Course: This course is designed to introduce students to leadership concepts and help them develop an increased awareness of individual interests and abilities. It relies heavily on student involvement and is designed to encourage challenging and stimulating student interaction. The theory and history of leadership as well as the conceptual skills required by leaders, including team building, collaboration, innovation, conflict resolution, communications, and problem solving are emphasized.

Spring 2014 Honors Courses    Midwestern State University

ART1413-2H1-Art Appreciation – C. Prose                                  FA C105                   TR 12:30-1:50

Prerequisites:  None                CRN: 21399

Degree plan issues:  Satisfies the Visual and Performing Arts core curriculum requirement.

The Course:  Lectures, slides, and discussion of the visual elements and their application to the arts. Prerequisite for all art history courses.

HUMN2043-2H1-Mid 19th-20th Centuries CRN 21309 – K. Lodge   PY201                    MWF 9:00-9:50

HUMN4043-2H1-CRN 21316                      

Prerequisites:  ENGL1123 or Consent of Instructor.

Degree plan issues:  Satisfies, in part, the Humanities core curriculum for most majors.  The senior level section satisfies the Honors Program Upper Level Course requirement.

The Course: A study of the inter-relationships of literature, music, art, and philosophy in an historical context with emphasis on the Industrial Revolution, Modernism, Cultural Plurality, and Postmodernism.

For 4043:  Individual research and evidence of the ability to synthesize the expressions of the different forms within a cultural period will be required.  May not be taken if student has received credit for Humanities 2043.

POLS1433-2H1-American Government-S. Garrison                     DB 338                    TR 11:00-12:20   

Prerequisites: None                CRN: 21055

Degree plan issues:

The Course:  Legislative, executive,  and judicial functions in the United States and Texas governments; foreign policy; the conduct of foreign relations; civil liberties and rights; national defense; government and the economy; governmental services.  Special attention given to Texas.

SPCH2423-2H1- Interpersonal Communication-S. Grant            FA B114                   TR 2:00-3:20

Prerequisites:  None               CRN:20633

Degree plan issues:  Satisfies part of the Communication requirement for all majors.

The Course:  Introduces interpersonal communication concepts and provides speech interaction in one-to-one and small-group situations.  Explores group dynamics, communication barriers, conflict resolution, decision making, interpersonal perception and listening skills.

WGST2503-2H1 – Intnatl. Women’s and Gender Studies – L. Veazey     PY209          TR 9:30-10:50

Prerequisites: None                CRN:21350

Degree plan issues:

The Course:     To provide an introduction to the study of gender in society.  It examines issues of women, gender, and sex, from an interdisciplinary perspective.  This course will combine interdisciplinary scholarship, court cases, film, lecture, and class discussion in order to help students develop a critical eye for examining the social, political, and cultural constructions of gender.

Other information of possible relevance

How many honors courses should I take? 

Honors Program students often take 2, 3, or even 4 honors courses in early semesters.  Taking extra honors courses enables students to schedule classes more easily in later semesters. Completing the 8 course requirement in 4-6 semesters is common. 

Do honors courses count towards my degree?

Normally Redwine Honors Program students take 5-6 credit hours that will be electives on their degree plans.  With careful scheduling, students can normally use required core-curriculum courses for 4 of the 8 required honors courses. 

Note on repeating courses

Honors Program students sometimes contemplate repeating courses.  If you are considering this issue, please talk with the Honors Program staff about the relative merits of your options.  If you have already taken a course and made a grade of C or worse, you may take it again to improve your grade.  The rules are that if you repeat a course the highest grade you make is the one that counts in your GPA.  The fact that you are in an honors section is not taken into consideration for course repetition for GPA purposes.  This also applies to students who have made a C or worse in an honors course.  You can repeat this course in a non-honors section for GPA purposes.  If you are concerned about your GPA you can repeat the course by taking a non-honors section.  However, if you have a D or worse in an honors course, repeating the course in a non-honors section will not earn honors course credit.

What are the Honors Courses like?

Leadership MSU is a course designed to introduce students to leadership concepts and develop an increased awareness of individual interests and abilities. It relies heavily on student involvement and is designed to encourage challenging and stimulating student interaction. The theory and history of leadership as well as the conceptual skills required by leaders, including team building, collaboration, innovation, conflict resolution, communications, and problem solving are emphasized. Students interact with faculty members and administrators from across campus and complete a community service project. Leadership also includes an orientation to your special role in the University and in the Redwine Honors Program.


At least half of the honors courses you take will be honors sections of core curriculum courses, the general education courses that all MSU students take. Honors sections of these courses are taught by specially chosen faculty who design their courses especially for the Redwine Honors Program students.  Here are some of the core curriculum courses recently offered as Honors courses:

General Psychology-PSYC1103


American Government-POLS1333, POLS1433

American History-HIST1133, HIST1233

World Literature-ENGL2413, ENGL2423

Rhetoric and Composition II-ENGL1123

Humanities in the Ancient World-HUMN2013

Fundamentals of Speech Communication-SPCH1133

Intro Topics in Computing-CMPS1033

Art Appreciation-ART1413

Film Appreciation-MCOM2213


Upper level Honors courses are offered to complement the work in your major and to provide an interdisciplinary perspective. While these courses are not required for students entering the Redwine Honors Program in Fall 2013 or later, students are welcome to enroll in these courses for honors credit. Some of our recent classes have been Culture of the Deaf and American Sign Language, Issues in World Politics: Conflict Processes, Animals in World Literature and Art, and The Internet and Society.  Honors students normally take their upper level Honors courses in fields outside of their major. 


During their third year of study, honors students will take a research methods course provided by their major or enroll in  MWSU 4001 Creative Inquiry: Interdisciplinary Thinking which will prepare them for a major research project.  


Students will take the Senior Seminars in their last two semesters at MSU.  These one-credit-hour courses are designed to provide a venue for Redwine Honors students to take a more global view of their undergraduate experience, to work with students completing their studies in different fields, and to present their research to their peers and faculty. The course engages students in a synthesis of knowledge and skills gained during their academic years and addresses the relevance of this knowledge and these skills for the students' future as contributing citizens.


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