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BOC Results and Assessment Statistics

The Board of Certification (BOC) results for the past three years is demonstrated in the chart below. The information below also provides assessment statistics on our graduation success, the number of students obtaining employment as athletic trainers (using the AT credential in employment) and the number of students seeking post-graduate continuing education.


Graduate Results2012-20132013-20142014-20153 Year Aggregate
Number of graduates87823
Number of students taking BOC Exam77620
Number of students passing BOC - First attempt64616
Percentage passing BOC - First attempt86%57%100%80%
Number of students passing BOC - Regardless of number of attempts76619
Percent passing BOC - Regardless of number of attempts100%86%100%95%
Graduate Placement Data    
Graduate Program/Continued Education0336
Athletic Training Practice/Using AT Credentials in Employment56415
Employed outside of field related to Athletic Training1124


Updated 4-27-2016.