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Master of Public Administration
Administration of Justice


The Administration of Justice track is designed for students who are both already employed in the criminal justice system as well as those with aspirations to do so.  The administration of justice program, as opposed to a traditional criminal justice program, focuses on issues related specifically to justice administration in the 21st century.  Areas of focus within the program include leadership, organizational theory, management of criminal justice organizations, and a strong emphasis on “thinking globally, and acting locally.”  In this regard, students have the opportunity to focus on international issues, including terrorism, transnational crime, organized crime, and globalization theory.  Each area of focus is strongly grounded in practical and theoretical applications.


One of the most exciting developments within the Justice Administration program is implementation of the Graduate Certificate in Justice Administration.  This certificate, as with the MPA degree in Justice Administration, can be obtained fully on-line and requires 18 hours of coursework (as opposed to the 36-hour requirement for the Justice Administration degree).  Because of this, students can literally be anywhere in the world and complete this certificate in less than a year.

Course Requirements

Core Curriculum (General MPA Degree) 21 Hours

PUAD 5133

Public Administration

PUAD 5023

Quantitative Methods in Public Administration

PUAD 5923

Organizational Theory and Behavior

PUAD 5943

Public Budgeting and Fiscal Administration

PUAD 5933

Human Resource Management

PUAD 6053

Seminar in Public Policy Analysis

PUAD 5963

Capstone: Case Studies in Decision Making


Required Research

PUAD 6063

Graduate Seminar in Advanced Research

Administration of Justice Specialization

PUAD 5363

Administration of Justice

PUAD 5373

Management in Criminal Justice Agencies

PUAD 5383

Justice and Society

PUAD 5253

Comparative Administration of Justice


PUAD 6033

Seminar in Administration of Justice

*A Graduate Certificate in Administration of Justice can be earned by completing the 15 hours required for Administration of Justice (including both 5253 and 6033).

Graduation Requirements

Oral Exam

A comprehensive oral exam is required of all degree candidates.

Thesis/Research Paper

All Thesis students must follow the requirements for a thesis as described in the MSU Graduate Catalog and those found in the MPA Graduate Handbook. All non-theses and GCAJ students must complete a comprehensive paper.

Comprehensive paper

The Comprehensive paper is an integrated part of the PUAD 5023 and the PUAD 6063 classes. To successfully pass the PUAD 6063 class, students must write a paper which meets the department standards.

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Graduate Certificate Plan
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