Course Descriptions



5001, 5002, 5003. Directed Research in Public Administration 1-3 semester hours

Prerequisites: In most cases, 18 hours of Public Administration and permission of the

faculty director.

The student is advised by a faculty member, who assists in selecting a topic to research

in public administration and directs an independent research project.


5023. Quantitative Methods in Public Administration 3(3-0)

Study of the theory and methodology of empirical research as applied in public administration

from the standpoint of both the practitioner and the consumer. Methodologies

include experiments, field research, field experiments, focus groups, content analysis,

policy evaluation research, and survey methods. Quantitative methods relating to research

design, probability, and inferential statistics are applied to classroom projects in public



5033. Advanced Quantitative Methods in Public Administration 3(3-0)

Prerequisite: PUAD 5023.

Theory building and testing, advanced statistical modeling, and multivariate analysis,

with emphasis on applications for public administration.


5133. Public Administration 3(3-0)

Examination of the basic principles involved in the administration and execution of

public policy. Includes such topics as organizational theory, personnel management, budgetary

procedures, and the politics of administration.


5143. Ethics in the Public Sector 3(3-0)

Introduction to ethical theories and their application in the public sector. Individual as

well as organizational responsibility emphasized through case studies.


5163. Intergovernmental Administrative Problems 3(3-0)

Examines the constitutional basis of federalism and the evolution of fiscal, legal and

administrative relationships among federal, state and local governments.


5253. Comparative Administration of Justice 3(3-0)

Compares and contrasts criminal justice agencies within and outside the United States.

The course notes similarities and differences in administrations, organizations, principal

functions, and objectives. Considers the nature of governmental control and oversight

and the relationship between agencies and the public.


5263. Legal Issues of State and Local Government 3(3-0)

Substantive law applied to all aspects of governmental and administrative operations

in state and local government. Topics include state/local relations, governmental structures,

liabilities of public officials, and financial and regulatory activities.


5363. Administration of Justice 3(3-0)

Case study approach of an individual defendant from the time the crime is committed

through the defendant's parole. Includes an analysis of principal and supportive agencies.

The course will examine the legal procedures and rules in the criminal justice process

effecting the defendant and public. The course encompasses an in-depth view of the adversary

procedures, which form the basis of the criminal justice system.


5373. Management in Criminal Justice Agencies 3(3-0)

The course is designed to examine areas of management in criminal justice agencies.

Particular attention is paid to issues of planning, budgeting, and human resources. Emphasis

will be placed on the development of critical management skills required in modern

criminal justice organizations.


5383. Justice and Society 3(3-0)

Comprehensive analysis of the dynamics between the agencies in the administration of

justice and the public clients they serve. Emphasis is placed on trust, understanding, integrity,

and dialogue.


5723. Non-Profit Management 3(3-0)

Unique aspects of managing non-profit organizations emphasized, including boardstaff

relations, fund-raising, grantsmanship, and managing volunteers.


5733. Leadership and Teamwork 3(3-0)

Introduction to the challenges of leadership and the inherent tendencies for individuals

and departments to sub-optimize. Ways to improve motivation, communication, coordination,

and cooperation will be studied.


5803. Stateand Local Government Management 3(3-0)

Organization and management of American state and local government. Executive

leadership, governance structures, and service implementation are emphasized. Relations

between state and local governments examined.


5813. PublicWorks Administration 3(3-0)

Introduction to management of public works, including municipal water and sewer

systems, road-building and maintenance, parks and recreation programs, construction

management, and contract administration.


5823. Economic Development 3(3-0)

Role of both private and public sectors in economic development; understanding strategic

tools, including quantitative analysis methods and effective economic development

programs for local governments.


5833. Community Development 3(3-0)

Theories, policies and methods for managing community growth, including land use,

housing, transportation, and capital improvements planning.


5923. Organizational Theory and Behavior 3(3-0)

Analyzes the structure and character of public institutions and examines individual,

group, and interpersonal behavior in organizations. Topics include information technology,

conflict, designing effective organizations, leadership, and decision-making.


5933. Human Resource Management in Government 3(3-0)

Principles and problems of recruitment for government service, philosophies of pay and

promotion, employee motivation, and discipline. Discussion of formulating and administering

public personnel policies, concepts, and principles.


5943. Public Budgeting and Fiscal Administration 3(3-0)

Study of the process of developing a public budget both as an accounting device and

for public policy planning. Particular attention given to the political aspects of budgeting

and budgetary innovation. Consideration will be given to the formulation of national,

state, and local budgets and their interrelationships.


5953. Public Law Administration 3(3-0)

An examination of the positive foundation on which agencies are grounded and from

which basic authorities of public officers, both elected and appointed, are derived. The

positive nexus of law and administration is emphasized.


5963. Capstone: Case Studies in Decision-Making 3(3-0)

Prerequisites: 18 hours of Public Administration.

Theories and principles of decision making in public administration. Students will

apply textbook knowledge to actual cases in public administration through written and

oral analysis. Open only to MPA majors.


6003. Special Graduate Topics in Public Administration 3(3-0)

Prerequisites: 15 hours of Public Administration or consent of instructor.

Topics vary. May be repeated with different content.


6033. Special Graduate Topics in Administration of Justice 3(3-0)

Prerequisites: 15 hours of Public Administration or consent of instructor.

Topics vary. May be repeated with different content.


6053. Graduate Seminar in Public Policy Analysis 3(3-0)

Prerequisites: 15 hours of Public Administration including PUAD 5023, or its equivalent,

or consent of instructor.

The purpose of this course is to develop capacities to both conduct and utilize analyses

of public policies as part of the decision making process. Both quantitative and nonquantitative

skills are emphasized.


6063. Graduate Seminar in Advanced Research 3(3-0)

Prerequisite: Must have completed at least 15 semester credit hours of core courses

and completed PUAD 5023, or have permission of the instructor.

The course focuses on defining a clear research question, effective literature reviews,

and critically reviewing published research.


6093. Graduate Internship 3 semester hours

Prerequisites: 9 hours of Public Administration and consent of faculty advisor.

Application of textbook knowledge to real-world work experience in a public agency.

Internships are arranged only for students without significant professional-level work experience.

Open only to MPA majors.


6983, 6993. Thesis 6 semester hours

Prerequisites: Completion of 27 hours of graduate course work in Public Administration

and/or a related subject areas as approved by the student’s advisor and consent of the

graduate coordinator.