MPA General Track

Master of Public Administration

General Track

The general MPA track allows students to focus on an area of their choice.  With the assistance of an advisor, students can select electives that best fit their career goals.  Electives can be chosen from a wide range of subject areas, as the student and advisor see fit.


Course Requirements

Core Curriculum (General MPA Degree) 21 Hours

PUAD 5133

Public Administration

PUAD 5023

Quantitative Methods in Public Administration

PUAD 5923

Organizational Theory and Behavior

PUAD 5943

Public Budgeting and Fiscal Administration

PUAD 5933

Human Resource Management

PUAD 6053

Seminar in Public Policy Analysis

PUAD 5963

Capstone: Case Studies in Decision Making

Required Research

PUAD 6063














Graduation Requirements

Oral Exam

A comprehensive oral exam is required of all degree candidates.




All Thesis students must follow the requirements for a thesis as described in the MSU Graduate Catalog and those found in the MPA Graduate Handbook. All non-thesis MPA and GCAJ students must complete a comprehensive paper


Comprehensive paper

The Comprehensive paper is an integrated part of the PUAD 5023 and the PUAD 6063 classes. To successfully pass the PUAD 6063 class, students must write a paper which meets the department standards.


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