BSN Prelicensure Ranking Point System

Since the number of applications usually exceeds the number of students accepted for admission, all applicants will be awarded points for ranking purposes.  The Wilson School of Nursing Admissions Committee will evaluate all complete applications and rank them according to the criteria point values listed below.  Applicants will be accepted into the program as ranked for admission, and according to the number of clinical positions available.  In instances where there are applicants with tied scores, the applicant with the higher science GPA will receive the higher ranking position.



Point Value

BSN core & prerequisite courses with a grade of “C” or above


* 1 point deducted for each course repeated more than two (2 times)


2 points per course with grade of “C” or above, excluding exercise physiology activity courses   (max 42 points)

BSN prerequisite courses with a grade of “B” or above


* No credit for science courses taken more than two (2) times


1 point per course with grade of “B” or above (max 10 points) 

A&P I &  II, Microbiology, Chemistry, Math, English I &  II, Gen Psychology, Intro to Sociology, Developmental  Psychology


BSN core and/or prerequisite courses currently in progress


1 point per course


Cumulative GPA of all core & prerequisite courses


1 point for each 0.10 over 2.50


GPA of BSN prerequisite courses


1 pt for each 0.10 over 3.00



Working Experience (minimum 6 month in length)

1.5 points -   LVN/LPN

1.0    point – CNA/EMT/MED Tech

0.5 point – Nurse’s Aid


Prerequisites completed or in progress at MSU

2.0    points -  20 to 22 courses

1.0    point  -  10 to 19 courses

0.5 point   -  1 to 9 courses                                 

Holds a bachelor’s degree (or higher)

1 point













Revised 07/12

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