Grad REQ

Graduation Requirements

  1. Complete all Academic Foundations and Core Curriculum requirements for a BS degree.  Click here for details on requirements.
  2. Satisfy all general requirements for graduation including the Writing Proficiency Exam.   
  3. Apply for graduation. Click here for details.
  4. Satisfy all BSRS requirements for graduation.

    Bachelor's Degree Requirements



79 Sem. Hrs.

Basic Core

33 Sem. Hrs.

Supplemental Core

18 Sem. Hrs.


130 Sem. Hrs.

  1. ProfessionalCurriculum (79 Semester hours) - Registered technologists may earn 46 semester hours of advanced standing credit by taking and passing an Advanced Placement Exam administered by the program. The remaining 33 semester hours of professional requirements are taken from MSU through distance study. All students will take seven core courses. Four course tracts are available in administration, quality management, education, mammography, computed tomography, and magnetic resonance imaging or select any four courses from the Professional Electives.

    ProfessionalCore Courses
    • 3203 Pathophysiology
    • 3213 Advanced Clinical Practice Skills
    • 3503 Research
    • 3773 Radiobiology
    • 4633 Continuous Quality Improvement
    • 4643 Health Law in Medical Imaging
    • 4913 Applied Research

ProfessionalElectives (select any 4)

    • 3023 Advanced Medical Imaging Science (formerly Physics I)
    • 3313 Radiation Therapy
    • 3413 Cardiovascular & Interventional Procedures
    • 3803 Introduction to Nuclear Medicice Physics
    • 4433 Practicum
    • 4513 Administration & Supervision
    • 4523 PACS in Radiology
    • 4623 Radiographic Quality Control
    • 4713 Medical Ultrasound
    • 4723 Principles of Computed Tomography
    • 4733 Cross-Sectional Anatomy
    • 4743 Magnetic Resonance Imaging
    • 4753 Mammography
    • 4763 Mammography Quality Practices
    • 4773 Magnetic Resonance Imaging Applications
    • 4783 Computed Tomography Applications
    • 4813 Teaching Strategies Radiologic Sciences
    • 4823 Student Teaching
    • 4833 Evaluation Methods in Radiologic Sciences
    • 4903 Selected Topics
    • 4923 Internship

BasicCore Curriculum (33 Semester Hours) - Courses may be transferred from any accredited college or university or be taken online at MSU. Up to 30 semester hours of college level equivalency examinations (CLEP) may be used to satisfy these requirements.

English Rhetoric and Composition (6hrs)
*American Government I (3 hrs)
American Government II  (3hrs)
American History (6 hrs)
Speech (3 hrs)
Mathematics (3hrs)
Computer Science (3 hrs)
Statistics (3 hrs) - Students may take any section of RADS 4123 - Data Analysis to satisfy this requirement
Elective (3 hrs)

*3 semester hours must be taken from a Texas college or university. This course is available online from MSU as are most of the general academic requirements.

SupplementalCore Curriculum (18 Semester Hours) - This portion of the core curriculum is flexible. Eighteen semester hours must be completed from four of the following areas: Social Sciences, Natural Sciences, Fine Arts, Speech, PE, Humanities, and Economics. Three semester hours must be from the Humanities or Fine Arts. Course selections are subject to advisor approval and can be transferred from any accredited college or university or be taken online at MSU.

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