Mission, Goals, and Student Learning Outcomes

Program Mission

The mission of the BSRT Program is to provide procedures to prepare qualified imaging technologists who will ethically respond to the needs of patients with technical competence and compassion, and to assume a vital professional role as a medical team member.  The learning outcomes of the BSRT Program are that BSRT students will:

  1. Be adequately prepared to enter the profession in a culturally diverse society.
  2. Develop independent and critical thinking skills.
  3. Pursue education beyond the entry level BSRT Program.
  4. Develop professionalism through entry-level radiography clinical competence.



Midwestern State University's Radiologic Science Program was designed with the philosophy that the most effective way to prepare graduates to enter the Radiologic Sciences profession is a progression from theory in the classroom to guided practice in the laboratory to "real-world" application in the clinical environment. The fall and spring semesters of the first year are devoted to on-campus classes and energized laboratories. As students enter the summer term of the second year, the focus changes to clinical experiences and some online courses. The clinical environment reinforces technological, patient care, and professional skills.