English Goals

Departmental Goals and Objectives

GOAL 1. Critical Inquiry


Objective 1.1:  Student engages in an increasingly sophisticated discourse and

demonstrates aesthetic and critical discernment through close textual analysis.


Objective 1.2:  Student evaluates secondary sources and applies skills in information

gathering and management, and document design, using traditional sources and

emerging technologies.



GOAL 2.  Knowledge of Language and Literature


Objective 2.1:  Student understands the usage and structure of the English language.


Objective 2.2:  Student recognizes the stylistic techniques that distinguish key

literary texts relevant to subject and genre.


Objective 2.3:  Student is familiar with the legacy of important ideas and contexts

associated with literary periods.


Objective 2.4:  Student is introduced to academic and professional publications in the




GOAL 3.  Writing as Process


Objective 3.1:  Student reflects on his or her arguments over multiple stages of



Objective 3.2:  Using traditional resources and emerging technologies, the student

references and formats primary and secondary sources in MLA style.



GOAL 4.  Engagement


Objective 4.1:  Student is aware of a cultural context for his or her own values and those of his or her sources.