Mustangs Advising Center MAC Advisors

The MAC serves the following first year students with 24 or fewer credit hours (unless otherwise noted):


MAC Advisor

 Criminal Justice
 Education and Reading
 Exercise Physiology
 Mass Communication (first visit only)
 Pre-Physical Therapy
 Sports & Leisure Studies     

 Scott Feldman pic

Scott Feldman 

 Clinical Lab Science (15 earned cr hrs or less)
 Computer Science
 Engineering (15 earned cr hrs or less)
 Geosciences & Environmental Science

Deidre Frazier pic

Deidre Frazier

 Foreign Languages
 Music (first visit only)
 Pre-Psychology (until accepted as Psychology)
 Theatre (first visit only)

Dottie Westbrook pic

Dottie Westbrook

  Undeclared Assigned MAC Advisor

All other majors should click here for list of other campus advisors