ACS Student Affiliates

     Daniel Clopton & Gerad Troutman
Vice President - Todd Topley
Secretary / Treasurer - Colin McGuinness
Student Gov't Rep. - Megan Baker

Membership - 25 students


Congratulations to our ACS Student Affiliates Chapter:

Outstanding Chapter Award to be presented at the Spring 2003 ACS National Meeting in New Orleans, LA.  This award was presented to 31 out of 950 chapters.

2nd place in the MSU Homecoming Cardboard Boat Race.  Our boat was designed and built by Erik Merkel, Kim Augustine, and Nathan Raschke and piloted by Megan Baker and Latisha Karber.





Mole Day Winners:  Mole Day is celebrated on October 23 (10-23) at 6:02 in honor of Avogadro's Number, 6.02 x 1023.  This value represents the number of particles in one mole, the "chemist's dozen," of a substance.

The winners had to guess the number of pieces of candy in a container.  The winner, Latisha Karber, received a gift certificate from Target and the runner-up, Ashley Merritt, received the container of candy.


Student to Student Chemistry Initiative
MSU students train high school students to perform chemistry demonstations at elementary schools

Chemistry Demonstrations for Preschool, Elementary School and Junior High Students
We can arrange times to come to elementary schools in Wichita Falls or the nearby communities for our students to come to your school.  Our students will present a series of chemistry demonstration experiments designed to be exciting to younger students.  Many of the experiments encourage audience participation.  The students will receive small gifts and information about experiments that they can try at home.  To arrange a presentation at your school, contact Dr. Phillip Voegel or Mrs. Candice Fulton at 397-4251.

National Chemistry Week
Demonstrations and Hands-on Activities for Grade School Students

Chemistry Olympiad for High School Students

Chemistry at the Mall

ACS Individual Awards
 Outstanding Freshman LectureOutanding Freshman LaboratoryOutstanding Organic StudentOutstanding Analytical StudentWFD Local ACS Award for Outstanding Graduating Professional Chemist
 2004   Robbie Graham Laura Kair Jeremy White
 2003Judlyn Telesford Robbie GrahamLatisha KarberJeremy WhiteDaniel Clopton
 2002Latisha Karber  Eric Merkel Agatha Chester Kim Augustine Joe Cantalini
2001Colin McGuinnessValerie McCubbinsGerad TroutmanBrad PhippsTim Vaden
2000Justin SmithGerad TroutmanCarlene ChapmanTim VadenJune Reitz
1999Carlene ChapmanChristine NguyenTim VadenRichard Ligon 
1998Tim VadenChristine Fuhrmann Mary Simpson 
1997June ReitzMandy PinkertonJames BynumTed TurnerCody Cole and Zubin Patel