Geosciences Affiliations

The Geosciences Club is involved in numerous geology-and environmental science-related projects.  This very active group organizes and executes field trips, produces research on local geology, and engages in community service. 

Midwestern State Geosciences is also the home of the Epsilon Zeta Chapter of Sigma Gamma Epsilon, a national honor society for geosciences majors. This organization selects students who maintain a high overall and major GPA.  The society also organizes program-wide field trips and activities.

Students are actively involved in new chapter of the American Association of Petroleum Geologists (AAPG) and participate within the North Texas Geological Society.  The AAPG is an international organization for professional geoscientists and students. While the organization's main focus is on those engaged in energy exploration, it also has an environmental science division.  It provides opportunities for networking with professionals and offers students access to its vast educational resources.