Pre Medicine

Welcome to the Pre-Professional Program
of Midwestern State University


The three things pre-med students need to focus on are grades, MCAT prep, and service. Your college GPA will be important when applying to medical schools. The Texas school average varies, however, a 3.7 out of 4.0 seems to the norm. The MCAT scores also need to be around the average, however, the new MCAT averages are not yet available. Service is used to encompass community service, volunteering, and shadowing. It is important to experience dealing with the public and understand the different areas involved with medicine. The more experience you have the better.

Below are links you might find helpful when searching for information regarding medical school preparation and application.


A Suggested MWSU Course Curriculum for Chemistry Majors, Option B or or Option C.  


A Suggested MWSU Course Curriculum for a Biology Major, Option C.  


Links to Medical school prerequisites for Texas Schools:


The two main application services are TMDSAS (for Texas schools) and AMCAS (Baylor and schools outside of Texas)