Microsoft Access


 The Center for Continuing Education
at Midwestern State University



     Access, Introduction (Basic) - Design, create and retrieve data while learning to manage
this full-featured relational database.  Run queries and find out how to efficiently keep track
of important information and generate reports.  Prerequisites: Basic typing skills and some
Windows experience. 

    Access, Intermediate - In-depth use of a database using table designs and sorting data.
Importing and exporting of Excel spreadsheets and use of macros and graphs will be

    Access, Advanced - Tie table relationships together in order to use information, run
advanced queries and reports, and learn to create a switchboard.  CEU's available.  

Instructor:  Stuart Halverson

 Access, Basic

 Location:  Moffett Library 212A

Registration Fee $95.00


Dates: Access will be offered on an "as needed" basis.

Time:   6:00 PM to 8:00 PM










For more information call Midwestern State University’s
Center for Continuing Education at (940) 397-4307



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