Intensive English Language Institute


This is approximately how much it will cost to take full-time classes with us for one 8-week term

Tuition: $1,800

University Fees: $54

Insurance: price varies (estimated $1,500)

Living Expenses: price varies  (estimated $4,000)

Books: price varies (estimated $100)

**Please note IELI is transitioning to 16-week courses Spring 2016, so tuition will be $3,600. 

  • Your tuition and fees are fixed costs.
  • The cost of your books will vary depending upon your academic level.  
  • Living expenses were calculated using on-campus room and board rates.  Insurance is mandatory for students arriving on a student visa.
  • Always bring extra money (miscellaneous) for things you want to buy for yourself, outings, phone calls home, and anything you may have forgotten to pack!
  • Contact the housing department as soon as possible to ensure you have a room if you need one.