Fine Arts Training

The Center for Continuing Education

Midwestern State University


•Fine Arts Training

             *No longer offered!

Price:  200 hours

Our brand new fine arts training program incorporates four courses to help you develop and unleash your full artistic potential in painting and drawing.

Begin with a foundation in the history of art. Understand the contexts in which art has been created over the centuries, learn to identify styles and techniques the artists have used, and cultivate your critical and analytical abilities. Move on to basic drawing and figure drawing. Explore the concepts of line, mass, form, perspective, value, and composition. Understand how the body’s anatomy affects its external form and movement, and learn how to capture realistic and expressive portraits. Finally, pick up your paintbrush and study a systematic and time-honored approach to oil painting that enables you to capture proportion, perspective, and lighting in the world around you.

Each of these courses features ample opportunity for feedback and critique, and with the help of instructors who are accomplished artists themselves, your artistic talents will blossom fully. 

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