Graphic Design Certificate

The Center for Continuing Education

Midwestern State University



Hours: 80
Price: $1795.00


These days, if you want the job, you need the training. If you have longed to take your interest in art and turn it into an enjoyable and creative job, one that can pay you well, then this course is for you. Graphic Design is written by professional artists, who will also act as your facilitators, this course will start with the fundamentals of design, which are part of every successful project, and take you through the terms and processes to turn your new knowledge of design into a career. These artists have been on both sides of the desk, first looking for a job as graphic designers, then looking to hire others as designers. 

Learn about the rules of design, and when to break them. Learn how to apply your talents to today's market, beyond pencil and pen, to the computer and the Internet. Send your course work in for comments and suggestions from successful designers. When you graduate from this course, you will have the tools AND a certificate to give you an advantage in your next job interview. 

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