Radio Frequency Identification

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Hours: 60
Price: $1995.00


This RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) on the Web Online Training Program is the most comprehensive online program on RFID implementation available today. RFID on the Web was designed by OTA Training, LLC, the world leader in RFID training and certification and the authors of the best-selling RFID+ exam prep book in the market. 

RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) technology is at the very heart of the next stage of the evolution of the Internet. If broadband connectivity represents the last mile of connectivity, then RFID represents the last INCH. RFID is now being rolled out to production environments across a multitude of industries, such as consumer product goods supply chains, automotive manufacturing, aerospace, health care, and pharmaceuticals, because it’s a technology perfectly suited to enhance visibility and automation in the supply chain, help improve patient care in hospitals, and provide real-time visibility of high-value assets. The rapidly growing number of uses for RFID technology and the many commercial factors driving the adoption of the technology are creating an ever increasing demand for trained and certified professionals who can evaluate, implement, maintain, and troubleshoot RFID systems.

RFID on the Web gives you 60 hours of high-quality, graphical, interactive training. The training include links on each screen, which provide definitions or additional explanations; the O-tag, which provides more in-depth explanations of important concepts; a comprehensive glossary of RFID terms; and the OTA RFID Acronym Finder. These features, coupled with knowledge assessments and practice tests, are presented in the framework of a real-world RFID implementation and will provide you with the most engaging environment possible.

Upon registering, you're given an initial thirty days to complete this program.  Should you need more time beyond the thirty days, an extension is available at no additional cost.

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