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 WEBMASTER CERTIFICATE                                                             

150 Hours
Price: $1795.00


A Certified WebMaster is a dynamic new Internet based career. Every company, institution, and organization feels a compelling need to be ‘online.’ At the very least, they want to develop a presence on the Internet. Certified WebMasters design, develop and maintain these highly visible web sites.

Certified WebMasters are often the first to test new and state-of-the-art equipment as well as the latest software.  They are allowed to indulge in artistic and professional freedoms rarely seen in any other industry. Numerous CWMs are allowed – even encouraged – to work from home or use flextime. A Certified WebMaster is a respected and sought after member of the Management Information Systems / Information Technology group.

WebMaster Basic is a course that starts with the beginning of web page development, involves the student in active web page implementation and (upon successful completion) culminates in official recognition of the student as a Certified WebMaster (Basic Class).

Certified WebMaster Basic Class is an interactive course designed to take a student that is moderately proficient in computer basics and train them to take charge of a company’s web presence.

This course prepares the student to:
•  Plan a web site,
•  Design a web site,
•  Implement a web site, and
•  Maintain a web site.

Upon the successful completion of this course the student will be able to:

1.   Understand and appreciate the World Wide Web as it relates to personal and
business use.
2.   Be able to use good design techniques and audience analysis to construct a web page to fit a target purpose and audience,
3.   Be able to formally design, compose, and structure the information to appear on a web site,
4.   Be able to use HTML to construct web pages with text, lists, links, tables, graphics, frames, forms, and other features of a dynamic web page, and
5.   Be able to evaluate the costs and benefits of doing business on the World Wide Web.

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