Office of Donor Services and Scholarships

Some of the scholarship applications posted are not in any way associated with Midwestern State University. We provide this information as a courtesy to our current and future students.   

 **New opportunities added to the bottom of this list** 
Redwine Honors Scholarship Program January 15
President's Distinguished ScholarshipFebruary 1
Wichita Falls Area Community Foundation ScholarshipsMarch 1
WFISD Foundation Scholarships  April 1
Preston-Clement Scholarship   April 1
Better Business Bureau/Dr. Louis J. Rodriguez Ethics Scholarship April 4
NAIFA ScholarshipApril 15 and Nov. 15
Northwest Texas Field and Stream Association ScholarshipMay 1
Bryant and Dorothy Edwards Scholarship and Kirk Edwards Scholarship  May 10* 
American National Bank & Trust ScholarshipMay 10
Wichita Falls Association of Realtors Scholarship  June 1   
Work Services Corporation Scholarship  June 1  
Kiowa Kooks/Art Beyer Scholarship June 1
Red River Optimist Club ScholarshipJune 1 and Nov. 1
Midwestern Club ScholarshipJune 1

W.P. and Ann Howle Scholarship

Howle Recommendation Form

June 1
Altrusa Club ScholarshipJune 15
Wichita Falls Club Capri ScholarshipJune 15*
Prof Edwards/Southwest Rotary Club Scholarship June 30
North Texas Chapter of the Texas Association of Vietnam Veterans ScholarshipJune 30 
Optimist Club of Wichita Falls Memorial ScholarshipJune 30
MSU Alumni Association ScholarshipJuly 1
Desk and Derrick Club of Dallas ScholarshipJuly 1
Elray, Margaret and Marshall Hardy ScholarshipJuly 1*

Holland-King Scholarship

Holland-King Recommendation Form

July 1*
E. Paul and Helen Buck Waggoner Foundation ScholarshipJuly 1*
Red River Optimist Club ScholarshipNov. 1 and June 1
NAIFA ScholarshipNov. 15 and April 15

 *Priority deadline. Late applications are accepted.



Commemorative Air Force Wings Over Houston Airshow Scholarship Scholarship

Gagne, Scherer & Associates Scholarship

Dolman Law Group Scholarship

Grapevine Evaluations Scholarship

Goedeker's Scholarship

Advanced Direct Security Scholarship

Free Speech Scholarship

Lovenberg Medical Malpractice Lawyer Scholarship

Nenye Uche Scholarship

Albertson & Davidson Scholarship

Stroble Law Firm Scholarship

PlushBeds Green/Environmental Scholarship

Ignite AG Customer Advisory Board Scholarship

Attorney Greg Baumgartner Scholarship

IGS Clark Scholarship

Flosum Scholarship

Expert Institute's Annual Healthcare and Life Sciences Scholarship

ACLS Medical Training Scholarship

Boling Rice Scholarship 


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Jan. 15, 2016



MSU Admissions Scholarships

Incoming freshman students admitted to MSU are automatically considered for our general merit scholarships. Incoming freshmen and transfer students should apply, have all transcripts submitted and be accepted to MSU by April 1st for consideration of these awards.

These scholarships range from $500 to $2500, per academic year, for students who qualify. The award is based on SAT/ACT entrance exam scores.

For transfer students seeking their first baccalaureate degree, award consideration is based on Phi Theta Kappa membership and/or a cumulative GPA of 3.0 from each school previously attended. For additional information regarding MSU scholarships, please contact MSU Admissions at: (940) 397-4334, (800) 842-1922, or


MSU Financial Aid Office
Visit the MSU Financial Aid Office for information on grants and loans.


MSU Academic Department Scholarships
Check with your academic department to inquire about additional scholarship opportunities. 






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School Soup

Student Aid on the Web  

Mach25 Scholarship Search

Yahoo! Scholarship Directory

National Health Service Corps Loan Repayment Program

U.S. Dept. of Homeland Security Education Programs  

The Scholarship Coach


College Resource Network Resources for Women

Student Savings Ultimate Resource Guide


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