Summer 2014

 Early Registration Begins April 7!


If you plan to attend Midwestern State University during one or both Summer 2014 terms, know that MSU is committed to awarding you a grant, if eligible, to assist you with your summer expenses; and if you have borrowed your maximum loan eligibility during Fall 2013 and/or Spring 2014, we may be able to offer other long-term loan(s) as well to assist you. We want to help you through summer school!


  •  Awarding for the Summer 2014 terms is scheduled to begin on/around March 1, 2014, and awards are made based on the availability of funds; receipt of the Summer General Application after May 15, 2014, may delay the awarding of summer funds as this is considered the summer “peak period’ in the MSU Financial Aid Office.
  • Your financial aid eligibility for the Summer 1 and/or 2, 2014 terms(s) will be determined based on the 2013-14 Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) information; if you have not already done so, you may complete 2013-14 FAFSA NOW (also available at
  • If you have not returned previously requested information, such as tax information, verification worksheet, etc.., you must do so before we can determine your Summer 2014 financial aid eligibility; please check the status of your FAFSA by logging into MSU’s Portal (or, myMWSU).
  • AND you must complete the Summer 2014 General Application, as below,  so we can determine your Summer 2014 financial aid eligibility. (NOTE: “Summer guest” students are not eligible to receive financial aid).
  • Please advise the MSU Financial Aid Office, via the  2013-14 Change Form , of any changes to the information on the Summer General Application after you have submitted it to the MSU Financial Aid Office. (eg: receipt of scholarships or other assistance, change in enrollment plans, etc..). 
  • Enrollment Legend: For FINANCIAL AID PURPOSES, a student‘s summer enrollment status is defined below and financial aid awards will be determined based on this enrollment status for one summer term or both summer terms combined. NOTE: this financial aid enrollment status may differ from the academic enrollment status; consult the MSU catalog for more details.

                                             Full-Time             Three-quarter-time                 Half-time             Less-Half-Time

     UG/2Bac/TCert            12 hours or more           9-11 hours                           6-8 hours             1-5 hours *

         Grad                       6 hours or more          4-5 hours                             3 hours                 N/A


Summer 2014 General Application

(click here)



Please do not hesitate to contact the MSU Financial Aid Office (Hardin South, Room 102) or email us at or call us at 940:397-4214 if we can be of any assistance.  We look forward to seeing you in the Summer!