Flu Self Assessment

Developed and maintained by Anne-Marie Williamson, RN, MSN, FNP-BC (updated 2011) Report problems
This tool has been reviewed by health care providers and is for general educational purposes only. Always consult your health care provider with questions about your individual condition(s) and/or circumstances.

Additional information is available at http://www.cdc.gov/flu/

Get vaccinated for the best protection against getting the flu. The CDC recommends everyone 6 months and older should get vaccinated against the flu.

Many people want to be examined when they get flu-like symptoms; however, although very contagious, the flu is essentially self-limiting in healthy people. Bringing ill patients into a medical setting runs counter to the public health principle for communicable disease. If you get sick with flu-like symptoms stay home and avoid contact with other people.

Flu is unpredictable and the severity may vary from season to season. Older people, young children, pregnant women, and people with certain chronic conditions are at greater risk for serious complications. It is also possible for healthy people to develop severe illness. Anyone concerned about their illness should consult a health care provider.

Signs of serious complications in adults are:

  • Difficulty breathing or shortness of breath
  • Pain or pressure in the chest or abdomen
  • Sudden dizziness
  • Confusion
  • Severe or persistent vomiting
  • Flu-like symptoms that improve but then return with fever and worse cough

Please answer all the following questions to determine the likelihood that you have flu and to help make decisions about your plan of care.

1. Did the illness come on abruptly (Did you go from feeling well to feeling ill in a few hours)?

    YES     NO

2. Have you measured a temperature of 100° F or higher?

    YES     NO

3. Do you have a runny nose/nasal congestion, cough or a sore throat?

    YES     NO

4. Do you have body aches?

    YES     NO

5. Is there any rash?

    YES     NO

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