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Accounting Assistant I
Performs complex clerical and entry level bookkeeping and accounting work. Work involves performance of such detail work as preparing and posting payrolls, special reports, operating control reports, receipts, and journal entries. Recaps, proofs, and posts journal summaries and receives and counts cash.
Makes routine cost distribution and posts subject accounts. Prepares and posts accounting documents such as fees, receipts, invoices, requisitions, vouchers and expense accounts. Posts requisitions, receipts, and disbursements information to stock controls, and assists in maintenance of perpetual inventory. Prepares summary of balances, cost information and other reports as requested for use in preparing financial statements. Files and maintains clerical records and reports pertinent to accounting and bookkeeping operations. Performs related work as assigned.
Physical Condition:
Should have some experience in general office work with emphasis on records keeping and computing
Working knowledge of acceptable office procedures, bookkeeping theory, and practice. Some knowledge of elements of accounting. Skill in arithmetic computation and use of adding, computing, and related office machines. Able to perform numerical detail work with speed and accuracy and to understand and put into operation oral and written instructions.
Graduate of a standard senior high school supplemented by courses in bookkeeping and typing.
Additional Requirements:
Have proficiency in use of all office equipment such as computers, typewriter, 10-key, copy machine and fax. Good public relation skills, problem solving, detail oriented and ability to work independently and with others. *Regular reliable attendance is required. *This position is designated as security sensitive and requires a criminal background check.

Last updated 2014-04-29