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Code: 0202 PCLS: C4030 Pay Grade: 9 Exempt:  No ORP:  No EEO Code:  4
Title: Storekeeper
Description: Performs clerical and physical labor associated with receiving, inspecting, marking, storing, and issuing of materials, equipment, supplies, and/or services required to support University activities while maintaining records of all transactions. Performance is subject to review by the State Auditors Office, Internal Auditor, and Director of Purchasing. Activities are to be accomplished safely in accordance with all current and pertinent rules, directives, regulations, laws, and common sense associated with a warehouse environment.
Examples: Prepares receiving reports on incoming shipments to the Warehouse, identifies and inspects shipments for conformity with original orders, state specifications or verbal orders to insure that the proper items are received. Maintains files on purchase orders, shipping tickets, and receiving reports for future reference. Receives requisitions, checks for proper documentation and issues materials, supplies, and/or equipment on those requisitions. Prepares outgoing shipments by properly crating, packing, weighing, D.O.T. labeling if required, and arranges for pick-up by the shipping company. Performs house keeping functions as required to keep the facility clean and safe. Other duties as required by supervisor in carrying out functions of the Warehouse.
Physical Condition: Must have sufficient physical agility and strength to climb stairs, ladders, and step stools throughout the work day, with some twisting, reaching or stretching the body while carrying 25 to 30 pounds of weight. Must be able to properly lift 65 pounds to waist level and 30 pounds to arms length above the head. Physical condition must be sufficient to safely mount and dismount different types of forklifts, operate pallet jacks, Thompson bars, and two and four wheel dollies. Physical stamina and conditioning must be maintained to sufficiently and safely perform the duties of the storekeeper while employed at MSU.
Experience: One to two years experience in a warehouse environment, with record keeping that was subject to external audit.
Knowledge: Requires use of typewriter, calculator, computer terminal, and PC. Working knowledge of D.O.T., E.P.A., and O.S.H.A. rules and regulations governing chemical handling, storage, and shipment. Requires knowledge of all safety equipment found in a warehouse environment. Ability to operate forklifts and other related accessories used to properly handle material, supplies, and equipment is required.
Education: Requires high school graduation. Job related education by either accredited college courses or documented military or trade school highly desired.
Additional Requirements: Must have the ability to make positive changes to advance the level of warehouse operations while still maintaining the high quality of service and flexibility to meet the requirements of the University. Requires excellent communication skills. *Regular reliable attendance is required. *Requires a current valid Texas driverís license with an insurable driver's record. *Requires employment physical exam. *This position is designated as security sensitive and requires a criminal background check.

Last updated 2012-03-21