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Sikes House Household Manager
The Housekeeper household manager serves as a member of the President's personal staff and is responsible for maintaining Sikes House in a clean, orderly condition through the performance of general housekeeping duties. The housekeeper household manager also assists with social functions appropriate to the duties and obligations of the President and/or the President's spouse when such functions are held at the President's residence and/or on the grounds of the Sikes House. This position reports directly to the President.
General housekeeping duties shall include sweeping, mopping, dusting, vacuuming, ironing, washing dishes, washing clothes, cleaning windows, polishing silver, polishing furniture, waxing floors, making beds, and setting the table. The housekeeper household manager may also be required to assist in the kitchen and elsewhere during social functions as directed by the President or the President's official host or hostess.
Physical Condition:
Moderate physical activity with occasional lifting of objects weighing over fifty pounds. Requires employment physical exam.
The housekeeper household manager must be capable of operating all appliances and equipment necessary to performing all duties of a housekeeper and must be capable of understanding and acting upon both oral and written instructions. The housekeeper household manager must also perform all tasks at a satisfactory level of conformance as set forth by the President and/or the President's spouse. The housekeeper household manager must also be capable of receiving tradesmen whether those employed by the university or other workmen, and of offering them direction or instruction as required. In this role the housekeeper must also act to ensure that the home is safeguarded when such repair work is in progress and be able to judge when to call in a superior when actions that may harm the property are in progress or entertained.
Housekeeper Household manager must be clean and neat in appearance at all times, capable of understanding and implementing oral and written instructions, with all work subject to approval for conformance with the desired objectives. Must be capable of shifting furniture, lighting, and moving objects weighing up to fifty pounds for purposes of floor care. Must be capable of moving floor care equipment (example: vacuum cleaner) between first and second floors via stairway. Must be able to place and retrieve dishes and kitchenware in uppermost kitchen cabinets using safe stepstools or ladders and to lift cases of glasses and beverages as needed.
Optimally, the housekeeper household manager will hold a high school diploma or GED and must possess good communication and social skills. The housekeeper household manager must also be capable of exercising tact, diplomacy, and sound judgment during contacts with visitors to the President's home.
Additional Requirements:
The housekeeper household manager must be able to set tables formally with china, silver and stemware. The person must also be able to work flexible hours and able to perform work unsupervised. The person must be able to operate dishwashers, clothes washers and dryers, vacuum cleaners, carpet cleaners, and steamers and be able to perform routine maintenance of these and other appliances. The housekeeper household manager must possess knowledge of the care and maintenance of antiques, silver, chandeliers, brass, and hardwood floors and be able to perform routine sewing/repair work on clothing and fabrics. Light to moderate lifting also required. *Regular reliable attendance is required. *This position is designated as security sensitive and requires a criminal background check.

Last updated 2012-03-21