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Assistant Director, BAAS Program
Responsible for assisting in the administration of the Bachelor of Applied Arts and Sciences Degree Program including curriculum design and academic advising. Reports to the Director, BAAS Program.
Supervises the BAAS support staff. Supports the Associate Vice President in the operations of the BAAS office. Advises students including program applicants; participates in the evaluation of non-traditional experiences for academic credit; supports the recruiting efforts for the degree program; and assists in the supervision of students participating in the BAAS Internship program. Performs other duties as assigned.
Physical Condition:
Significant experience in academic advising and curriculum development. Some management experience desirable.
Advanced knowledge of or ability quickly to learn the curriculum of the BAAS program. Work-related experience with and knowledge of evaluation practices and procedures. Proficiency in the use of computers and relevant computer programs.
Master's degree, required.
Additional Requirements:
Must be a student-oriented individual with strong organizational, interpersonal and leadership skills; be able to communicate effectively with a variety of constituencies, both on and off campus; and be able to keep detailed and accurate records. *Regular reliable attendance is required. *This position is designated as security sensitive and requires a criminal background check.

Last updated 2013-10-01