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Complex Coordinator, Sunwatcher Village
Live-in position responsible for the day-to-day operations of the apartment community. This includes: addressing and prioritizing maintenance and custodial concerns; executing leases with students; facilitating the payment of rents to the University; monitoring the payment of rents to the University; assignment of apartment space; rental of student storage space; recruitment of MSU students to reside at the complex; responsible for clubhouse operations. This position will supervise a full-time secretary, a full-time maintenance technician, one to two student assistants, and three to six resident assistants.
Development and implementation of a dynamic residence life program appropriate for an upper-class apartment community; coordinates and promotes programs providing leadership development opportunities for students participating in student governance within the complex; assists in selection and training of RA staff. Serves as hearing officer for student discipline cases involving policy and procedure violations; mediation between apartment residents. Coordinates area programming that meets the developmental needs of the residents. Establishes and maintains a residence atmosphere conducive to the academic and personal growth of the residents.
Physical Condition:
One to three yearís experience in residence life, preferably in an apartment setting; experience in mediation, discipline, programming, leasing, and familiarity with maintenance issues in a residential apartment setting.
Must have knowledge of student development theory and the impact of a residential living-learning environment on student development; know how to work with multicultural groups and individuals; have an understanding of the theories and philosophies of student discipline; and have a good working knowledge of fundamental management techniques, office procedures, budgeting, and personnel supervision.
Bachelorís degree (masterís preferred) in college student personnel, counseling, or related field.
Additional Requirements:
Must have the ability to teach, direct, guide and mediate; a participatory management style; and counseling skills for a wide range of student and staff concerns. Must also be able to identify and organize tasks, prioritize duties, and effectively complete the many components of the job; have the ability to work under pressure and uneven time constraints; and the sensitivity and skill to work with a diverse student and employee population. Must have good interpersonal skills and be able to communicate clearly and effectively in writing and verbally. *Regular reliable attendance is required. *This position is designated as security sensitive and requires a criminal background check.

Last updated 2012-03-21