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Coordinator, DCOBA Marketing
Responsible for the design, planning, and implementation of internal and external marketing activities for the Dillard College of Business Administration (DCOBA). Collects and processes information, determining marketing needs, and communicating information outward from the College. Coordinates marketing activities from various programs, departments, centers, and student organizations within the College. Serves as promotion and public relations liaison between DCOBA and the University, and DCOBA and the community. Reports to the Dean of the College.
Conducts both qualitative and quantitative marketing research. Prepares and presents an annual marketing plan, developing specific goals and objectives and strategic plans. Creates and updates content for all printed and digital marketing literature. Implements DCOBA Marketing Plan.
Physical Condition:
Three or more months of job or classroom experience in promotion planning and/or marketing. Marketing research training.
Requires working knowledge of all aspects of marketing plans, their development and implementation. Working knowledge of Microsoft Office computer applications, SPSS, and other graphic software packages.
BBA degree in Marketing or Management from the Dillard College of Business Administration or within one semester of graduation.
Additional Requirements:
* Must be referred to the position by a DCOBA faculty member. Excellent oral and written communication skills with individuals and groups. Capable of working independently with directions from the College Marketing Committee. Multi-tasking skills. *Regular reliable attendance is required. *This position is designated as security sensitive and requires a criminal background check

Last updated 2014-04-29