To setup your MSU Faculty/Staff email account on an Android Smartphone/Tablet

(The screens and menus on Android devices vary by vendor. Depending upon the make/model of the device you are using, you may find the instructions below do not precisely match the menus on your device.)

1. At the Home Screen, tap the [Menu] button and select "Settings". Under "Accounts" (or "Accounts and Sync"), select "Add Account" and choose "Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync" (or "Corporate").


2. On the next screen, enter the following information.

          For Email Address: enter your email address (

          For Password: enter the password you use to login to your office computer.

Tap the "Manual Setup" button if it is available, otherwise tap "Next".


3. On the next screen enter the following and tap "Next":

           For Domain\Username: enter "ADMIN\[username you use to login to your campus   desktop computer]

           For Server: enter ""


4. Click [OK] on the notification stating: "The server requires that you allow it to remotely control some security features of your Android device."

5. On the next screen you may verify which items you wish to synchronize with your device, and customize your device’s notification and email sending options. You can synchronize Mail, Contacts, Calendars, and Tasks from your Exchange account. Once you have made your selections (most should stay with the default selections), tap "Done"

6. Tap "Activate" to acknowledge the security modifications required by the Exchange Server ( and to activate synchronization.

7. As part of the security modifications to your device that are required by the Faculty/Staff Exchange email service, you will be required to create a security Personal Identification Number on your device to prevent access by unauthorized users. If you do not already have a PIN established, you will be prompted at this point to setup a PIN. Select "PIN", then enter a PIN code that will be easily remembered, and select "Continue". Now confirm your PIN by typing it a second time and tap "OK".

Your Android device is now setup to synchronize with your MSU Exchange email account. At this point, you are presented with an option to give this account a name. You may enter a name of your choice, or leave it as the default "MWSU", and tap "Next" to complete the setup.