Lab Assistant Job Description

The functions of a lab assistant in the MSU Computer Labs are as follows:


This document is intended to act as a policy for the Lab Assistants working in the public access computer labs.  It is divided into two sections, the first section deals with general lab policy and the second deals with specific policy written for each lab.

The reason that you are in the labs is to make the time spent there by the student-body, faculty, and staff are both positive and productive.  Those who use the labs are your primary focus and should be treated as a welcomed guest.

Employee Information

All Lab Assistants must file a Contact Information Sheet with Information Technology.


  1. At the time of employment, a Contact Information sheet will be filed with Information Technology.
  2. At such time as the information provided becomes obsolete a new form MUST be submitted with Information Technology.
  3. All lab assistants will be required to have a email address.  E-mail will be the primary means of communication between the lab assistants and the administration.
Technical Support

From time-to-time technical assistance will be required in the order to ensure the proper operation of the computer labs.  If technical assistance is required the following steps must be followed in order to guarantee a reasonable resolution of the problem


          Monday – Friday, 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.


  1. Lab assistants should ensure that there truly is a problem that requires technical support personnel to be dispatched.  If a machine seems to have failed, shutdown the machine, power it off, and reboot.  Check power cables to ensure that they are properly plugged in.  If after these steps the machines is still malfunctioning, contact Information Technology @ 4278 and request a work order, or go to and submit a work order online and a technician will be dispatched as soon as possible. 
  2. If a machine is out of service, please place a sign on the machine informing the users of its status with your name and time and date on it.
General Operating Policy

 All public access labs are governed by the rules listed in this section

  1. No food or drink will be allowed in the labs.  This applies to the lab assistants as well as the student-body and faculty using the facilities.
  2. Student must provide their own media for storage of work created on the lab machines.
  3. Children may accompany student parents in the labs as long as they are well behaved.


  1. Paper and toner are located in the CSC Lab Office.  Employees should make sure that no lab is ever out of any supplies.  Supply quantities should be checked every shift.


Acceptable Behavior

 All public access labs are governed by the rules listed in this section

  1. Lab assistants are to enforce all lab policies that are set forth by the administration.
    1. If a person has become unruly, or they are disturbing other students in the lab they need to be asked to leave the lab.
    2. If they refuse to show proper identification to the lab personnel they need to be asked to leave the lab.
    3. If they have drinks or food in the lab they need to be told to remove the items in question from the lab. If they refuse to do so then they need to leave the lab.
    4. If a person is only in the lab surfing the internet or playing games on-line and someone needs to use the computer for legitimate school work then that person needs to be asked to relinquish that computer to the other person.
    5. If a person that has been asked to leave the lab refuses to do so then the lab assistant needs to call the MSU Police department @ 4239, then call the lab coordinator.
  2. Lab assistants are to provide assistance to all people that use the labs.
  3. Lab assistants are to be accessible to the users in the labs.
  4. Lab assistants are to keep the labs clean as specified in the lab operating procedures.
  5. Lab assistants are not allowed visitors in the lab during working hours.
  6. Telephone usage should be limited to necessity usage only.
  7. Lab assistants should remain in the lab at all times except during necessary breaks (Bathroom, etc.)
  8. Lab assistants may study or read when there is no activity in the lab.  When there are students in the lab, lab assistants must remain available for assistance.
  9. Lab assistants should maintain a quiet atmosphere in the labs
  10. Project groups may work together as long as computer resources are not sitting idle.
  11. Lab assistants should ensure that lab users are not viewing inappropriate material in the labs unless such material directly pertains to assigned research.
  12. Excessive amounts of absenteeism will not be tolerated.