Assessment Procedures

University Assessment Purpose, Content and Procedures


Assessment at Midwestern State University is the foundation for institutional effectiveness and the process of continuous evaluation and improvement of education programs and administrative and educational support areas. The university assessment cycle outlines the recommended timeline for assessment plan development. In order to support student learning and continuous improvement, all academic programs, as well as all administrative and educational support areas, are required to develop assessment plans that consist of the following:


  1. Department/academic program mission statement
  2. Student Learning Outcomes and/or Functional Objectives
  3. A recommended four Student Learning Outcomes expressed in behavioral terms for all academic programs majors and stand-alone minors
  4. A recommended four Student Learning Outcomes expressed in behavioral terms OR Functional Objectives for administrative and educational support areas
  5. Educational support areas require a minimum of one SLO
  6. A recommended two measures per outcome clearly state the assessment process to include a description of instruments, assessment criteria, etc.
  7. All outcomes and objectives require a minimum of two measures
  8. Student Learning Outcomes contain a minimum of one direct measure per outcome/objective
  9. Description of findings that includes analysis of results and conclusions derived from data collected
  10. Plan of action to improve the program based on findings for each outcome/objective


Assessment Timeline and Peer Review Process

On November 1 of each year, all academic programs and educational support areas are required to submit the closing years complete assessment plan into WEAVEonline software. At that time, University Assessment Committee (UAC) members are assigned assessment plans from various programs to conduct a peer review.


The intent of the peer review process is for each UAC member to review assigned plans, from a college other than their own, with the intent of supplying thorough, objective, and timely feedback. This process provides an avenue for continuous improvement in reporting program assessment. The peer reviewers use an Assessment Plan Feedback Matrix to guide feedback for improvement to the assessment plan. Once the review is complete, the peer reviewer meets with the dean of the college or vice president (VP) of the administrative area to discuss recommended improvements to the assessment plans. The dean or VP then works with the program chairs or department supervisors to make any necessary revisions to the final document. Once the assessment plans have met dean/VP expectations, the dean/VP approves the plan in WEAVEonline.


For additional questions regarding assessment, please contact Christi Klyn at, or 397-4342.