Common Data Set

The Midwestern State University Common Data Set (CDS) is published annually to provide information about the University and its students, faculty, and resources. Information contained in the Common Data Set is divided into eleven sections. 


Common Data Set Sections:Common Data Set Archives:
A.General Information2013-14 CDS
B.Enrollment and Persistence2012-13 CDS
C.First-time, First-year(Freshmen) Admission2011-12 CDS
D.Transfer Admission2010-11 CDS
E.Academic Offerings and Policies2009-10 CDS
F.Student Life2008-09 CDS
G.Annual Expenses2007-08 CDS
H.Financial Aid2006-07 CDS
I.Instructional Faculty and Class Size 
J.Degrees Conferred 
K.Common Data Set Definitions 


  Common Data Set Initiative: