Entering Student Survey

Entering Student Surveys  (ESS) are completed anonymously by students who attend either a new student orientation or Spirit Days.


Survey Results Archives


Undergraduate Graduating Student Surveys

Graduating Student Surveys (GSS) are completed on-line by undergraduate students expecting to graduate within one year of completing the survey. The survey results are updated each academic year and consist of 6 parts:

Part 1:  Employment, Career, and Educational PlansGraduating Student Survey 2008-2014
Part 2:  Course Experiences 
Part 3:  Personal Growth 
Part 4:  Background Information 
Part 5:  Student Services 
Part 6:  General Information 


Graduate Exit Survey

Graduate Exit Surveys (GES) are completed by exiting graduate students prior to graduation.  The GES results are updated each academic year and consist of 9 parts:

Part 1:  Degrees and MajorsGraduate Exit Survey 2010-2014
Part 2:  General Environment  
Part 3:  Graduate Courses 
Part 4:  Personal Development from Coursework 
Part 5:  Faculty Quality 
Part 6:  Interactions with Faculty 
Part 7:  Appropriateness of Coursework 
Part 8:  Administrative Offices 
Part 9:  Overall Impressions/Satisfaction