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The Definition of a Distance Learning Student  

See if you fit the definition of a Distance Learning student.


Off Campus Access to Library Electronic Databases

Currently registered students have access to a wide variety of electronic resources via their Student Campus Wide ID number.


Request for Moffett Library Materials

Call us at 940-397-4758, or 800-259-8518, or e-mail us at concerning the library materials you need and we will send the items to you.  This type of request is for materials that are located at the Moffett Library.  For Inter-library loan items, please see the paragraph below.


Request Inter-library Loan for Materials not Available at Moffett Library

Please familiarize yourself with our Inter-library loan policies and note that certain portions of the policies, such as item pick up, do not apply to Distance Learning students. 

After determining that the Moffett Library does not have the particular book, journal, or electronic article that you need, you will need to go to the World Cat electronic database.  From there you will need to input your item's title, author, and other relevant information.  Additionally, it will help to narrow your responses using the "Limit type to:" function.  When you have located the item that you need, under "Availability:" there is a hyperlink that is called, "Borrow this item from another library (Interlibrary Loan)."  Clicking on this hyperlink will take you to the "Interlibrary Loan Request" form. 

All that is necessary is to complete the form noting in the "Pick Up At" box that you are a Distance Learning student and need to have the item mailed either electronically or by USPS.


Ask a Reference Question

Ask a question online by clicking the "Live Chat" box in the left center of the Library Webpage or feel free to e-mail us at or call us at 940-397-4758, or 800-259-8518.

Electronic Books

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Distance Education Department

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