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Amber Celeste Rawls 
Criminal Justice
 » Adjunct Professor
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Martin Hall 105 
Voice: (940) 397-4752

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Amber Rawls


Homeland Security and Emergency Management

Correctional Officer Training and Certification

Patrol Officer Training and Certification

Criminal Issues Research and Development / Practical Application

Course Information

  Semester Course #    Section Course Name Location Days / Times
Details Spring 2012 CRJU 2233  x20  Police Systems and Practices    Online 


Education Background

Institution Degree    Graduation Date
University of Louisiana at Monroe B.A. in Criminal Justice 2007-12-15 
University of Louisiana at Monroe M.A. in Criminal Justice 2010-05-23 

Employment Background

Institution Position Start Date / End Date
 Bastrop Police Department  Patrol Officer  1999  2005
 Bastrop Police Department  Field Training Officer  2002  2005
 Morehouse Parish Sheriff's Office  Patrol Deputy  2006  Present
 Morehouse Parish Sheriff's Office  Correctional Officer  2006  Present
 Morehouse Parish Sheriff's Office  Training Officer  2008  Present
 Morehouse Parish Sheriff's Office  Grant Writer / Manager / Project Director  2009  Present
 Morehouse Parish Office of Homeland Security and Emergency Preparedness  Deputy Director  2011-10  Present
 University of Louisiana at Monroe  Adjunct Professor  Spring, Fall 2011; Spring 2012  Present

Research and Publications

Rawls, A. C. (2008). Critical Incidents: Police Officers, Posttraumatic Stress, Posttraumatic Growth, and Law Enforcement Agencies. Contemporary Issues in Criminology and the Social Sciences, 2(3), 111-118. July, 2008.

Rawls, A. C. (2009). Critical Feminist Theory and Domestic Violence. The L.A.E. Journal of the American Criminal Justice Association, ISSN No. 1094-8481.

Rawls, A. C. (2009). Domestic Violence from a Critical Feminist and a Social Learning Perspective. Crime, Punishment, and the Law, 1(2), 65-75. December, 2009.

Rawls, A. C. (2010). Surviving Critical Incidents: Police Officers, Posttraumatic Stress, and Posttraumatic Growth. Unpublished master's thesis, University of Louisiana at Monroe.