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Dr. Tommye Lynn Hutson 
Curriculum and Learning
 » Assistant Professor
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Ferguson Hall 101E 
Voice: (940) 397-6237

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History of Science Education

Teacher Education

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Course Information

  Semester Course #    Section Course Name Location Days / Times
Details Fall 2014 GNSC 3104  101/101A  Concepts of Science    Bolin Hall 117
Details Fall 2014 GNSC 3104  101/101A  Concepts of Science    Bolin Hall 117

Tuesday/Thursday Lecture:  11:00-12:20

Tuesday Lab:  1:00-2:40

Details Fall 2014 GNSC 3104  101/101A  Concepts of Science    Bolin Hall 117
Details Fall 2014 EDUC 4102  101  Teaching Science in Elementary and Middle Schools    Off-Campus W-J Elementary; Evans Elementary

Monday/Wednesday: 8:00-2:30 (Washington-Jackson Elementary)

Tuesday/Thursday:  8:00-2:30 (IC Evans Elementary)

Education Background

Institution Degree    Graduation Date
Tarleton State University BS 1984-5-12 0:0:0 
Indiana University MS 1993-5-14 0:0:0 
Baylor University EdD 2010-8-14 0:0:0 

Employment Background

Institution Position Start Date / End Date
 Midwestern State University  Assistant Professor  2012 Fall  Present

Research and Publications

Research and Scholarly Activity




Hutson, T., Cooper, S. & Talbert, T. (2011). Describing Connections between Science Content and Future Careers: Implementing Texas Curriculum for Rural at-Risk High School Students Using Purposefully-Designed Field Trips. The Rural Educator, v33, n1 p37-47.


Hutson, T. (2013). Preparing Highly Qualified Teachers for “Green Acres” (book chapter). Educational Trends: A Symposium in Belize, Central America. Pamela R. Cook, editor.


Hutson, T., Miller, S. & Schultz, Ed. (2014). Using Case Study Design for Program Evaluation: Preliminary Findings of Three Early Childcare Centers. International Journal of Childcare and Education Policy. Under review.


Hutson, T. (2015). “What’s in a Name?” Book chapter solicited and accepted for (as yet unnamed) textbook (proposed title - Queering Science and Science Education); editors, Dr. Will Letts (Charles Sturt University) and Dr. Steve Fifield (University of Delaware).  


Hutson, T. (2015). “K-5 Science and Purposeful Movement Integration”. Book chapter submitted for collaborative textbook currently under development of editors, Dr. S. Miller and Dr. S. Lindt (West College of Education).




Hutson, T. and Gupta, D - recipients (2014). Texas Association for the Improvement of Reading Bracken Award. $500 for (science) reading materials and equipment.


Hutson, T. and Gupta. D. - recipients (2015). Midwestern State University Internal Grant for Research. $3298 for Why STEAM Must Be HOT: Integrating Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics for Higher-Order Thinking Skills.


Review/Evaluator Services


CAEP (Science SPA) Reviewer (2015) - 15 SPA reviews completed


Conference Reviewer (2015) - Southwest Educational Research Association; American Educational Research Association; and World Organization for Early Childhood Education and Care


Journal Reviewer (2015) - 7 reviews for Mentoring & Tutoring: Partnership in Learning, a professional journal published by Routledge for the  National Council of Professors of Educational Administration

Program Evaluator (2015) - Race for the Stars program evaluator




Texas Association for the Improvement of Reading (2014) - The Next Time You See a Sunset (Skype presentation, with D. Gupta as moderator)


Southwest Educational Research Association (2015) - Fear and the Five E’s: How to Handle “Scary” Content (sole presenter); “Why STEAM has to be HOT: Investigating the Effects of Interdisciplinary Experiences on Pre-Service Elementary Teacher Candidates’ Efficacy” (D. Gupta, co-presenter)


Belizean Symposium in Education (2015) - “Using Case Study Design for Program Evaluation”

XIII Puerto Rican Congress on Educational Research (2015) - Proposal accepted; unable to attend