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Dr. Charles Matthew Watson 
 » Assistant Professor
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Bolin Hall 220A
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T:    2-5pm

W:   12-5pm

Th:   10-Noon

Voice: (940) 397-4255

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I am an integrative evolutionary biologist with interest and training in physiology, biogeography, biodiversity, conservation, and evolutionary ecology. Current projects integrate field ecology, physiological laboratory trials, and GIS technology to answer broad-scale evolutionary and ecological questions. 

Course Information

  Semester Course #    Section Course Name Location Days / Times
Details Fall 2015 Biol 1234  101  Human Anatomy and Physiology II    Bolin Hall 100

Time and Place of Class Meetings:

See Attached Syllabus

Details Fall 2015 Biol 1233  101  Human Anatomy and Physiology II    Bolin Hall 100

Time and Place of Class Meetings:

See Attached Syllabus

Details Fall 2015 6003  171  Biostatistics    Bolin Hall 209

Education Background

Institution Degree    Graduation Date
The University of Texas at Arlington Ph.D. in Quantitative Biology  
The University of Texas at Arlington MS - Biology  
Stephen F. Austin State University BS - Widlife Biology  

Employment Background

Institution Position Start Date / End Date
 The Dallas Zoo  Reptile / Amphibian Department Supervisor  April 2001  August 2005
 The Ellen Trout Zoo  Zookeeper  August 1998  March 2001
 The University of Texas at Arlington  Lecturer / Laboratory Coordinator  August 2008  July 2011
 McNeese State University  Assistant Professor  August 2011  July 2013

Research and Publications

Watson, Charles M. & L. Gough. 2012. The role of temperature in determining distributions and  coexistence of three species of Plestiodon. Journal of Thermal Biology 37(5) 374-379


Watson, Charles M. & D. R. Formanowicz. 2012. A Comparison of Maximum Sprint Speed Among the Five-lined Skinks (Plestiodon) of the Southeastern United States at Ecologically Relevant Temperatures. Herpetological Conservation and Biology 7(1) 75-82.

Watson, Charles M., C. Roelke, P. Pasichnyk, & C. Cox. 2012. The fitness consequences of the autotomous blue tail in lizards: An empirical test of predator response using clay models. Zoology 115(5) 339-344

Watson, Charles M. 2009. Selection of available post-fire substrate by Scincella lateralis Say (Ground Skink). The Texas Journal of Science 61(3) 219-224. 

Watson, Charles M. and M. L. Nicholson. 2011. The recovery of the macroarthropod community within the leaf-litter of an East Texas mixed hardwood-pine habitat following a prescribed burn. The Texas Journal of Science 64(1)

Watson, Charles M., R. Makowsky, & J. C. Bagley.  2014. Reproductive mode evolution in lizards revisited: updated analyses examining geographic, climatic and phylogenetic effects support the cold-climate hypothesis.  Journal of Evolutionary Biology 27 (12), 2767-2780

Watson, Charles M. & G. Francis. 2015. Three dimensional printing as an effective method of producing anatomically accurate models for studies in thermal ecology. Journal of Thermal Biology 51. 42-46.