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Nursing, Wilson School of
 » Coordinator MSN-Nurse Educator Program
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Bridwell Hall 319
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National Certification Corporation (NCC) Maternal-Newborn Nursing


Course Information

  Semester Course #    Section Course Name Location Days / Times
Details Spring 2014 NURS 5331/5332    Clinical Focus    Online 
Details Spring 2014 NURS 5023    Research in Nursing    Online 

Research Class / Class Schedule Spring 2014




Comments / Assignments


January 13

Chapter  1  Quantitative Research

Improved Science Research Network video

*Discussion Board

 Reflective Activity 1



Chapter  2  Qualitative Research

Quiz 1



Chapter  3  Mixed Methods Research

Discussion Board


February 3

Chapter  4  Data Analysis

Reflective Activity 2



Chapter  5  Navigating the Institutional Review Board Process

NIH Ethics Training Due Feb 16 @ 11pm

Quiz 2



Chapter  6  Critical Appraisal of Research-Based Evidence

Discussion Board



Chapter  10  Quality Improvement and Safety Science: Historical and Future Perspectives
Chapter  11  Quality Improvement Science

Discussion Board


March  3

Chapter  13  Philosophical and Theoretical Perspectives Guiding Inquiry

Chapter  14  Introduction to Evidence-Based Research

PICO Assignment 9th @ 11 pm


March  10

Chapter  15  Technology Supporting the Search for Evidence

Search for 5 peer reviewed nursing research articles for your Review of Literature

10 Off


Spring Break (15-23)




Conduct your critical appraisal of the research

Appraisal Table 1 Due 30th  @ 11 pm



Chapter  16  A Synthesis Project

Discussion Board


April   7

Chapter  17  Integrating Evidence-Based Research into Clinical Practice

Find 5 new peer reviewed nursing research articles for your Review of Literature

Discussion Board



Easter (17-20)

Chapter 18 Dissemination of the Evidence / Conclusion: Collaborating for Clinical Scholarship through Integration of Evidence-Based Practice

Discussion Board


Quiz 3



MSU Sigma Theta Tau Research Day (22nd)

Extra Credit Poster Presentation @ MSU



Last week of classes

Research Utilization in Practice Paper & Table 2 Due

May 3 Saturday at 11 pm

*DB-Check weekly for initial responses and comments due on Discussion Board

Details Fall 2013 NURS 5503    Assessment in Nursing Education    Online 
Details Fall 2013 NURS 5023  Graduate Research    Online 


Details Spring 2013 NURS 5252 / NURS 5251    Nurse Educator II    Online 
Details Spring 2013 NURS 5023    Research in Nursing    Online 
Details Fall 2012 NURS 5242    Educator I    Bridwell Hall 319




Details Fall 2012 NURS 5233:    Theoretical Foundations of Nursing Education    Bridwell Hall 319

Description:       An introduction to nursing education, its historical evolution and development, and exploration of relevant theoretical foundations. The course includes critical analysis of selected curriculum models and their application to a variety of educational environments.

 Prerequisites:   NURS 5103: Theoretical Foundations in Nursing (May be taken concurrently); or permission of the instructor

Credits:                3 (3-0) three seminar hours per week

Details Fall 2012 NURS 5023     RESEARCH IN NURSING    Bridwell Hall 319


Midwestern State University                      Wilson School  of Nursing                               Bridwell Hall 319

Email: Web CT is the preferred method of communication for this class and will be used for faculty updates and announcements. If you are unable to access Web CT you may contact me by campus email at                                                    Phone appointments available


Details Summer I 2012 Nursing 5331/5332    Clinical Focus for Nurse Educators     Online 
Details Spring 2012 NURS 5503    Assessment in Nursing Education    Online 
Details Spring 2012 NURS 5023    Research in Nursing    Online 
Details Spring 2012 NURS 3103  201-2  Theories and Concepts: Introduction to Nursing    Dillard College of Business Administration 323

Tuesday & Thursdays 1-2:20

Details Fall 2011 NURS 5252/ NURS 5251   x 10   Nurse Educator II    Online 
Details Fall 2011 NURS 5023   X10 X11  RESEARCH IN NURSING    Online 
Details Fall 2011 NURS 3103     Theories & Concepts: Introduction to Nursing    Bridwell Hall 108

Tuesday & Thursday 1-2:20

Details Summer I 2011 30078  NURS 3212 x 30  Family Health Assessment RN.BSN    Bridwell Hall 
Details Summer I 2011 30039  NURS 5053 x 30  Contemporary Perspectives    Bridwell Hall 
Details Spring 2011 NURS 5023    Research in Nursing    Online 
Details Spring 2011 NURS 3103  201/202  Theories and Concepts: Introduction to Nursing    Bridwell Hall 108

T TH 1-2:2:20

Details Fall 2010 NURS 5332    Clinical Focus for Nurse Educators     


Details Fall 2010 NURS 3212    Family Health Assessment     Bridwell Hall 108

Monday 1-3:50

Clinical Lab times as assigned

Details Fall 2010 NURS 3103    Theories & Concepts: Introduction to Nursing     Bridwell Hall 108

Tuesday Thursday 1- 2:20

Details Summer I 2010 NURS 5332    Clinical Focus For Nurse Educators     
Details Summer I 2010 NURS 3212    Family Health Assessment      

Education Background

Institution Degree    Graduation Date
Midwestern State University Master Nursing Education  
University of Texas Health Science Center San Antonio Bachelor of Science Nursing  
Capella University PhD Post Secondary and Adult Education August 2009 

Employment Background

Institution Position Start Date / End Date
 Midwestern State University  Adjunct faculty  2004  2005
 Midwestern State University  Assistant Professor  2005  Present
 Midwestern State University  Coordinator of the MSN-Nurse Educator Program  2010  Present
 Midwestern State University  Co-Project Investigator, The Use of Dedicated Education Unit to Increase Student Enrollment Program  2011  2012

Research and Publications

 Publications: Referred journals


Walker, D.  & Leach, J.  (2013). Anxiety: The Word versus the World. Journal of Christian Nursing


Gibson, M., Bowles, B., Jansen, L., & Leach, J.  (2013). First Do No Harm: Interventions During Childbirth. Journal of Perinatal Education, 22(2), 83-92


Gibson, M., Bowles, B., Jansen, L. & Leach, J.  (2013). Childbirth Education in Rural Haiti: Reviving Low-Tech Teaching Strategies. Journal of Perinatal Education, 22(2), 83-92.


Gibson, M., Bowles, B., Jansen, L., & Leach, J.  (2012) Intrapartum Nurse’s Guide to Protecting, Promoting, and Supporting Breastfeeding: Another Ten Steps. Clinical Lactation September Vol. 3 Issue 4 pg. 147-154.


Leach, J. (accepted 9/2011). Evaluation Strategies Using Simulation to Expose Shortcomings in Clinical Learning Outcomes, Nursing Education Perspectives.


Bowles, B., & Leach, J.  (1993). Breastfeeding by Federal Express, Journal of Human Lactation, 8(3): 154 - 155.


                Bowles, B., Leach, J., Starr, S., & Foster, M. (1993). Infant feeding preference card, Journal of Human Lactation, 9(4): 256 - 258.