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Sociological Theory



The Sociology of Death and Dying

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  Semester Course #    Section Course Name Location Days / Times
Details Fall 2015 Socl/Psyc 3023  101  Human Sexuality     PY 100
Details Fall 2015 4153  101  Sociological Theory    Dillard College of Business Administration 127

9:30 TR

Details Fall 2015 1133  101  Introductory Sociology    Prothro-Yeager Hall 100


Details Spring 2015 Socl 3333  201  Criminology    Prothro-Yeager Hall 100

2:00 -3:20 MW

Please see attached file for all information

Details Spring 2015 4353  201  The Sociology of Death and Dying    Prothro-Yeager Hall 100

Please see attachment for syllabus.

Education Background

Institution Degree    Graduation Date
Texas Tech University Master of Arts in Sociology with a Minor in Psychology  
Oklahoma State University Ph.D. Aug 12 1978 12:00AM 

Employment Background

Institution Position Start Date / End Date
 Midwestern State University  Assistant, Associate to Professor of Sociology  September, 1978  

Research and Publications

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